This powder replaces all your food!

This powder replaces all your food!

Kilian from iKnowReview took a closer look at our product in his YouTube channel and took different perspectives. The result is a balanced and worthwhile report.


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You might also like to visit our Youtube-Channel. There you’ll find more great recipe ideas with BERTRAND.

Price adjustment

Delivery times for raw materials have tripled in some cases with significantly higher prices. Together with conventional grain prices, organic prices are also climbing significantly. Therefore, due to the current situation, we were forced to adjust our prices.

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Visit our studio kitchen

Visit our site and be amazed at the possibilities BERTRAND opens up for you. How about energizing fruit balls or fruit bars for on the go? Or with hearty freshly baked bread? You can also eat healthy and balanced with our various smoothie bowls.

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Rock Salt

In this article we inform you why we use high purity rock salt instead of sea salt for our organic product.

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