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Our New BERTRAND Shaker Is Available

Good news: For the preparation of our shakes as of now we provide our new BERTRAND shaker. Our shaker is, just like its predecessor, made from Tritan by the Eastman Chemicals company. That yields benefits…

While many other plastics which are used in the production of shakers show estrogenic effects, the manufacturer Eastman Chemicals does not only guarantee that Tritan is free from BPA, but also free from BPS or other bisphenol compounds with estrogenic effects.

Apart from health benefits, our new shaker also exhibits further advantages which are of a practical nature.

  • High break strength even when falling on stone.
  • Easy to clean, also in the dishwasher.
  • Odor- and flavor-resistant, so that your shake tastes only like BERTRAND.
  • Spiral ball made from surgical stainless steel, for a shake free from lumps.
  • Handy closure for absolute tightness and possibility of attaching the shaker to a carabiner.

Our shaker is now branded to our brand name and will automatically and free of charge be part of the delivery to new customers for any order of a starter package or above. In case you need further shakers, it can be purchased cost-effectively here in the shop.

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Ordering Soylent in Europe?

Cover picture: BERTRAND, an alternative to Soylent, which obtains its nutrients from natural, organic ingredients.

The way we have been feeding ourselves so far is inefficient. That is the key premise from which the product Soylent by former software developer Rob Rhinehart has emerged. In its powdered version, Soylent is mainly a melange of soy protein, isomaltulose, and maltodextrin. Synthetically manufactured vitamins and minerals are added in order to cover the recommended daily nutrient requirements. Most advantages of a nutrition powder are obvious:

Time saving through Soylent

Time saving through SoylentThe conventional way we eat is rather time-consuming. We have to reflect on what we want to eat, we have to buy the ingredients to prepare, we cook, eat, and do the washing up. With a Soylent diet, the expenditure of time disappears almost completely. The purchase is handled online and delivered via package directly to one’s home. For one meal, a bit of powder is filled into a shaker, water is added, the concoction is shaken briefly, and the food is ready-to-eat. Most of the time, the respective activity does not have to be interrupted for consumption.

Healthier diet through Soylent?

Healthier diet through SoylentSoylent contains, so the manufacturer promises, all vitamins and minerals that are recommended for an average adult per day. If one takes the scientific recommendations on nutritional value seriously, a healthy diet is in fact not easy. In many households, standard meals are being prepared varyingly which do not depict nutrients in their respectively recommended amount. It has yet to be proven if a Soylent diet, to which synthetically manufactured nutrients have been added, is in fact healthier than a conventional diet with actual food. But there is an alternative to Soylent.

Ordering Soylent in Europe?

Ordering Soylent in EuropeBERTRAND is a product which implements the obvious advantages of Soylent without including possible uncertainties of synthetic vitamins and minerals. We have put together different ingredients of organic quality for BERTRAND in a manner that covers the nutritional value recommendations for an average adult. We do not use synthetic vitamins and additives or products in which genetic engineering has been used. Each and every package of BERTRAND contains only natural ingredients. Finely ground gluten-free oats, a good handful of buckthorn berries, pulverized oilseeds, healthy nuts as well as nori seaweeds from Spain and further ingredients whose entirety covers the daily requirements for essential nutrients. Everything is of healthy, organic quality and free of gluten.

Would you like to test the advantages of Soylent now in Europe as well? Sample our product and save 5 % on your first order with the code SLNT5 and, beginning with the starter package, also get our BERTRAND shaker for free, made from BPA-free tritan.
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I am happy to answer any questions you might have on this topic. Feel free to write me an e-mail. You will usually receive an answer within 48 hours.

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Blueprint for BERTRAND Funnel

Yesterday we received a letter from an inventive client who often spilled some powder when filling BERTRAND into our shaker – added to deliveries free of charge for new clients. For this purpose without further ado he created a draft for a funnel with a huge opening which is tailored perfectly to the BERTRAND shaker and can be produced using a 3D printer.

You own a 3D printer? The blueprint is available here:

For anybody without their own 3D printer there will be a solution in the early weeks of 2017 provided by us. So stay tuned.

New model for recommendation to friends

5% for your friend, 10€ for you

Do you appreciate the benefits of a fast, healthy diet, and do you like BERTRAND? We earn our living from you passing on your recommendation, so we are updating our ways of making recommendations to friends.

With immediate effect, our new voucher-based model gives every new customer a one-off discount on their shopping basket of 5%. At the same time, for every successful recommendation that you make we give you a credit note worth €10.

Our referrer tool allows advertising in emails, on Twitter or on Facebook. You can of course tell people about the vouchers anywhere else and start collecting credit notes immediately.

Click here to access the referrer page. You can find a overview of customers that you have recruited in Your Account.

Are you looking for someone to recruit you as a new customer? You can be sure of finding someone in this subreddit under the title Solyent.

New flavour — Baked apple and cinnamon

Fittingly for autumn, there is a spreading desire for warmth and cosiness here at BERTRAND, which has taken hold of everyone. Fellow colleagues no longer drive to work by car, but instead use leaf-covered forests paths, in order to hear a rustle that sounds with every step. Everyone is suddenly wearing dark woolen sweaters furnished with leather patches at the elbows, and during breaks, they build figurines out of chestnuts, which they present on the mantelpiece with pride.

We have packed this mood into our new flavour, which tastes like baked apple and cinnamon. As of now, you can purchase it in the shop.

Why not use the coupon SAVE2016? By doing this, we will donate € 2.50 to Save the Children and reduce your amount by € 2.50 as well.
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I am happy to answer any questions you might have on this topic. Feel free to write me an e-mail. You will usually receive an answer within 48 hours.

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Captain Hackbarth’s Atlantic crossing

BERTRAND Food is supporting the sailor Axel Hackbarth of Hamburg on a long and exciting voyage. Captain Hackbarth left his home port in Hamburg to go on the adventure of an Atlantic crossing. He is relying in his undertaking on, among other things, several kilos of BERTRAND that are stored in his boat. We will report on his journey in this blog.

Sailing Nutrition

Sailing Nutrition
Axel Hackbarth will cross the Atlantic alone on his sailboat the “Zest” in order to reach the Caribbean. One of the biggest challenges in his crossing of the Atlantic is that he cannot sleep longer than 30 minutes at a time because other big ships could collide with his sailboat.

At the moment, the captain is on the southern coast of Portugal, from which he he will undertake the first leg toward Madeira at the end of the month. The journey will start from there at the end of December. It is sure to be exciting. Team BERTRAND is fired up too and will be reporting about it here.

Captain Hackbarth’s current location:

2016 Gastrosophicum – The Internet of Food 4.0

BETRAND was part of this year’s Gastrosophicum in EFERDING, Upper Austria and there was served the special menu in combination (as per request) with bread and butter to set the scene: “possibly opti-meal-ized data carriers”

The change in diet comes either way. Only which and with which philosophy? The International Gastrosophy Forum has resolved for the 2016 Gastrophicum to explore the change in diet 4.0. Because everything that is currently developing under the trending terms Internet 4.0 and smart apps could make a future Internet of food with its bits and bites tasty to us.

Within the 2016 Gastrosophicum, BERTRAND was tied up in the podium discussion “Bits and bites. How does the future taste?” among others with the well-known food trend researcher Hanni Rützler, the innovative food technology scientist Otmar Höglinger, and the philosopher and director of the International Gastrosophy Forum, Harald Lemke.

Read on (german page): Gastrosophicum 2016

[RAQ] Does BERTRAND contain tropane alkaloides


Tropane alkaloides (TA) occur in certain plants by nature, such as henbane, datura, and belladonna. Several of these alkaloids are used as pharmaceutical substances, for example atropine. They are known for being capable of influencing the heart rate and the central nervous system, even at a low dose. Dizziness, headaches, and nausea are common symptoms.

Because of the contamination of cereal crops with henbane seeds or datura, tropane alkaloides can be found in cereal based foods. High tropane alkaloide content in cereal products can lead to lead to health impairments in people with heart problems. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) came to this conclusion in its official statement no. 035/2014 of 13. November 2013. This has led to one of our clients asking: “Does BERTRAND contain tropane alkaloides?“

Our answer is: We don’t always know

Unfortunately the analysis for tropane alkaloides isn’t a study which can be conducted as standard by raw material suppliers. However, the risk of health impairment is very slight, which the BfR also concludes. We, however, have used this inquiry as an opportunity to have our base lab analyze a product sample, and this sample did not contain any verifiable tropane alkaloides.
Analysis BERTRAND Tropane alkaloides (TA) – PDF

In the blog series RAQ (Rarely-Asked-Questions)we publish questions, which are in fact interesting, but have only been posed 1-2 times.
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QS – Traceability

BERTRAND Food is an EU-certified organic business which is regularly audited by at least three independent bodies—both announced and unannounced—in all its business areas. This ensures high quality and increased traceability, transparency, and confidence in our products. In the blog series “QS” we present the various aspects of quality assurance at BERTRAND Food.

Today we will discuss the traceability of raw goods.

Do the oats delivered two months ago actually come from the field of Mecklenburg farmer Heinrich, or do they come from farmer Jørgen from Denmark? In an emergency, one can find this out quickly through an interlocking system.

Incoming goods

All the goods we receive in production are subjected to a formal incoming goods inspection process. Here, an authorized employee ascertains that all goods are in proper condition. Do the delivered goods match the ordered goods? Are the goods correctly labeled? Are the goods undamaged? Have they been delivered on the correct pallets? Is the hygienic standard of the truck of the freight forwarder up to par? Etc.
Only when all these criteria have been satisfactorily met do the raw goods pass through the hall door.

The goods receipt code

Each item that has come through thus far is assigned a permanent and scannable code, which allows us to identify the raw goods. Which supplier is responsible for the goods? Who has examined and received the goods? When were the goods received? Which freight forwarder has delivered the goods? Any and all information that may be relevant later is recorded and stored in the goods receipt code.

The combination

When creating the recipe of BERTRAND, the goods receipt codes of the individual ingredients are scanned via a terminal and compiled onto a production certificate. The finished recipe is then assigned a lot number, through which all the information on the respective recipe can be accessed. This lot number and the best-before date are then printed without contact onto the individual packaging. You can find it on the back of your packaging and on the cap of your bottle.

All of our suppliers operate a similar system. Should it become relevant whether the oats delivered two months ago come from the field of Mecklenburg farmer Heinrich or from farmer Jørgen from Denmark, then we can simply access this information, and we can also pass it on. To you!

This is just one of the advantages of a modern quality management system. Are you interested in the topic? Then follow us on Facebook or Twitter and never miss a blog post!
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I am happy to answer any questions you might have on this topic. Feel free to write me an e-mail. You will usually receive an answer within 48 hours.

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Almond oil and bowl of almonds on wooden background. Top view

Today’s article deals with the topic of essential, polyunsaturated fatty acids. In the case of these fatty acids, the crux is the addition of the word “essential”, which means that they are nutrients that we need to take in because our body is incapable of producing them on its own from other substances. At the same time, however, it relies on their presence in order to function ideally.

In this article, we provide a small overview of the various kinds of unsaturated fatty acids there are, explain how we obtain the fatty acids and give information on the important factors involved in handling these substances in such a way that their quality is ensured.

Essential PUFAs

The abbreviation PUFA stands for polyunsaturated fatty acids.
The human body is capable of independently producing nearly all of the fatty acids it needs, with linoleic acid (LA), an omega-6 fatty acid, and alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid, being the exceptions to this rule. Both need to be ingested with food, and are therefore referred to as “essential fatty acids”.
Though not essential, two other kinds of fatty acids, namely eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), make it into the discussion. These two fatty acids are especially prevalent in fish and algae and are synthesized from alpha-linoleic acid, but in such a small amount that an additional intake makes sense in a “normal” diet.
The daily requirement of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is 200 mg. To enable the body to synthesize this content, a sufficient amount of alpha-linoleic acid is required. With a conversion rate of alpha-linoleic acid to DHA of 2.2%, at least 9 g of alpha-linoleic acid should be consumed per day. 1,2,3
This amount is contained as a minimum in all variants of BERTRAND.
If you consume other powdered food, please make sure that at least 9 g of omega-3 fatty acids are specified in the nutritional values, provided that DHA and EPA are not contained as individual ingredients.


We at BERTRAND refrain from using pre-processed lipid carriers to obtain unsaturated fatty acids. Unfortunately, the processing of nuts and oilseeds that come from by-products of edible oil production has become almost fully established in the production of powders.
Linseeds, sunflower seeds, almonds and more are pressed almost completely. What remains is a solid press cake that is then ground and used, among other things, in the production of nutritional powders. The only advantage of these powders is that they can be bought at low prices. The disadvantages include a loss of fatty acids as well as, for example, phytochemicals. At the same time, the remaining fatty acids are exposed to oxygen for weeks, which in turn promotes oxidation.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids react to light and oxygen with oxidation, which causes them to form hydroperoxides that may have a damaging effect on health.

We reject this standard in the obtainment of fatty acids for BERTRAND.
We process linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds as whole fruits or seeds along with all the valuable nutrients they contain. Linseeds and sunflower seeds are finely ground shortly before the mixing and filling process. This also has the advantage of effectively protecting the sensitive fatty acids from oxidation and maintaining high quality as a result.

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