Adjustments Made

We have modified our bags so that we no longer use labeled bags, but instead utilize individually printed bags. This ensures a cleaner and more ...
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Is sucralose bad for your gut?

Sucralose is a sweetener that has become increasingly common in our foods in recent years. Many people wonder what sucralose does in our gut and ...
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Price adjustment

Delivery times for raw materials have tripled in some cases with significantly higher prices. Together with conventional grain prices, organic prices are also climbing significantly. ...
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Eat Christmas trees

The spicy winter aroma of pine needles harmonises wonderfully with our BERTRAND shakes and especially with our apple-cinnamon flavor pack. To make pine needle powder, ...
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Chai Banana FlavorPacks

Chai Banana FlavorPacks Want to add some variety to your daily shakes? Then try our chai and banana flavors with our flavor packs! Our Chai ...
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