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Here are our frequently asked questions. Don’t hesitate to write us an email, if your question has not been answered already.


BERTRAND is a drinkable meal. Our product comes in a pouch with one day’s worth of meals in powder form or in our practical, disposable bottles. BERTRAND is quick and easy to prepare so you can enjoy the time you’d otherwise spend shopping, cooking and washing up on other things.

We have daily bags and practical ecological disposable bottles in the program.

With the daily sachets, you fill 3-5 scoops of the powder into our shaker, which we send free of charge for new customers, depending on the variant and hunger feeling. One scoop filled with BERTRAND will satisfy your hunger for about one hour. Put as many scoops in the shaker as you intend to stay full.
Then fill the shaker with water or (plant) milk. We recommend using 150ml of liquid per scoop.
The required amount of powder for 3-4h lasting satiety is also marked on the shaker.
Then throw the supplied spiral ball into the shaker and mix everything well. After that you can enjoy BERTRAND.

Our practical disposable bottles are filled with water and beaten upside down several times on the ball of your hand until the powder is completely dissolved. Then let it steep briefly so that the contained grain can swell a little. Enjoy it!

All new customers will receive our shaker automatically and free of charge with their first order of at least one of our daily bags. Please do not add additional shakers to your cart unless you wish to purchase additional shakers.
We have our shakers at a great price in the store. All shakers also include the handy spiral ball that whizzes through the mix when shaken for lump-free enjoyment.

Yes, our shaker is BPA-free. The shaker is made of Tritan, a product developed by Eastman Chemical, which is not only BPA-free, but is also generally chemical free and free of oestrogenic activity. It’s also leak proof and easy to clean. You can even clean it in the top rack of your dishwasher. You can find out more information about Tritan on the manufacturer’s website:
We combine the nutrition you need for one day into one daily bag, which most of our customers divide up and enjoy over three separate meals. So if you order 21 meals from our shop, you’ll can choose a total of 7 pouches. You can also divide up a single daily bag for use over several days, too, for example as a lunchtime meal replacement over three days.
This certification means that we run our business under the rules set out by the European Council organic products regulation (EC 834/2007). What this means for our product is that we use ingredients sourced from certified organic agricultural practices. We do not use any synthetic vitamins or minerals, which is what makes BERTRAND’s composition so complex. All of the vitamins and minerals contained in BERTRAND come from real foods, such as nuts, fruits and grains. This means that our customers can get all the nutrients that are beneficial to the body, including those not currently classed as ‘essential’. Following the EC organic regulation also means that we don’t use any genetic engineering in our products. None of our ingredients may contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and they can’t be produced using GMOs. More information about the regulation is available from the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture’s website:
The validity of our organic certification is reviewed every year through inspections and random checks. You can check our current status online at any time. Simply enter our company name, BERTRAND Food, in the search bar here:
We have made a vegan version of BERTRAND without any animal-based ingredients. The Classic and Active versions both contain milk powder but are vegetarian. Our product is also certified organic under European standards, which means the cows we source our milk from are reared and fed using organic farming practices.
We take the safety of our product very seriously. The entire production chain, from choosing our ingredients to shipping, is governed by our internal management handbook. Among other things, this requires that we only entrust trained, specialist staff (such as food technology specialists) with the production of our product. All areas of our business also undergo regular inspections as well as random checks by at least two independent bodies. The Soest District Food Inspection Board monitors hygiene and product safety. The quality of our ingredients is certified by ABCert, an independent inspection board.
BERTRAND does not contain any ingredients not suitable for young people. However, as is the case with adults, a long-term diet based solely on our meal replacement shakes should only be undertaken in consultation with a doctor.
Of course! Athletes around the world use BERTRAND to prepare for competition by topping up their nutrient consumption. Our Active version is particularly well suited to this kind of use thanks to its high protein content.
In a cool, dry place. If you store BERTRAND away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place, you can even enjoy it long past its best before date. The best before date is not the date on which BERTRAND becomes unusable. We can no longer provide any specific information for pouches that have been opened and resealed. But if you correctly close the pouch and store it in the refrigerator, for example, the powder can still be enjoyed for a long time.


We use only natural foods and our product is certified according to the standards of organic farming. We use the following ingredients in the respective variants.

Classic NATURAL – INGREDIENTS: gluten-free whole grain oats* (39 %), rapeseed oil powder* (cold-pressed rapeseed oil* and maltodextrin*), skimmed milk powder* (15 %), ground and chopped almonds*, agave powder*, flaxseed flour*, ground sunflower seeds* (4 %), natural thickener: guar gum*, sea buckthorn berries*, rock salt, coconut flour*, algae powder* (porphyra*), algae powder* (chlorella*), acerola powder*, mushroom powder* (shiitake*), nettle powder*, guava extract*, lemon peel extract*, basil leaf extract*

Vegan NATURAL – INGREDIENTS: gluten-free whole grain oats*, canola oil powder* (canola oil* and maltodextrin*), ground and chopped almonds* (7 %), flax seed flour*, agave powder*, ground sunflower seeds*, pea protein* (3 %), walnut flour* (2 %), natural thickener: guar gum*, sea buckthorn berries* (1 %), rice protein*, coconut flour*, algae powder* (porphyra*), rock salt, nutritional yeast*, algae powder (Lithothamnium Calcareum), algae powder* (Chlorella*), acerola powder*, mushroom powder* (shiitake*), guava extract*, lemon peel extract*, basil leaf extract* 

Active NATURAL – INGREDIENTS: gluten-free whole grain oats* (33%), rapeseed oil powder* (cold-pressed rapeseed oil* and maltodextrin*), milk protein powder* (14%), skimmed milk powder* (10%), ground almonds* (6%), linseed flour*, agave powder*, ground sunflower seeds*, walnut flour* (2%), freeze-dried blueberries* (2%), natural thickener: guar gum*, sea buckthorn berries*, rock salt, coconut flour*, algae powder* (porphyra*), acerola powder*, algae powder* (chlorella*), nettle powder*, mushroom powder* (shiitake*), guava extract*, lemon peel extract*, basil leaf extract* (0.01%) 

Vegan active NATURAL – INGREDIENTS: gluten-free whole grain oats*, canola oil powder* (cold-pressed canola oil* and maltodextrin*), pea protein*, ground and chopped almonds*, flax seed flour*, rice protein*, agave powder*, ground sunflower seeds*, walnut flour*, sea buckthorn berries*, coconut flour*, algae powder* (porphyra*), rock salt, nutritional yeast*, algae powder (Lithothamnium Calcareum), algae powder* (Chlorella*), acerola powder*, mushroom powder* (shiitake*), guava extract*, lemon peel extract*, basil leaf extract*

– *from certified organic agriculture

Yes, all products from our company are gluten-free. We work according to the cross-border recognized AOECS standard and have included gluten as a contaminant in the risk assessment of our HACCP system.
We obtain the oats for our product from a Demeter project, which guarantees gluten-free oats. For the independent analysis of our product, we have commissioned the Intertek Institute from Bremen, which, as a globally active company, has many years of experience in the field of food analysis. Intertek will carry out follow-up controls at regular intervals.

The allergens in our product are marked in bold (see above) in the list of ingredients. We have also tested our product for histamines, which you can find out more about here. BERTRAND with a histamine intolerance
Unfortunately, our production process does not allow us to add or remove certain ingredients. This means that, at the moment, we are unable to offer customized versions.
Some of the vitamins and minerals in BERTRAND exceed the recommended values, in some cases by quite a bit. This is natural since cereals like oats do not care about nutritional recommendations for things like manganese. Exceeding the recommended values is actually highly advantageous. Because none of our nutrients exceed the recommended maximum daily value or tolerable upper limit, exceeding the minimum requirements will not endanger your health.


A discounted subscription is an optional offer. If you opt for the discounted subscription, your order will be repeated every 1–6 weeks.

You can set the delivery interval yourself on the order of weeks. We will show you the time of the next delivery right after you put your order in the shopping cart.

We offer a 5% product-related discount to customers who opt for the discounted subscription.

No. At the moment, the discounted subscription is available for our BERTRAND Bags, BERTRAND Green-Bottles and FlavorPacks.

Products from the category Stuff & Co. cannot be included in the discounted subscription. Seasonal BERTRAND products and limited editions of our products cannot be ordered as a part of the discounted subscription as well. In this case, you will receive a notification in your shopping cart.

No, this is currently not possible. However, you can cancel your current discounted subscription at any time and make a new subscription of your choice.

No. You can cancel the discounted subscription in your customer account at any time. However, the termination should be carried out at the latest before the next scheduled order.

We have the right to terminate the discounted subscription from our side if our stock is not sufficient for the fulfillment of the subscription due to changes in the types of goods or due to sales.

Currently, you can pay for the discounted subscription with PayPal, credit card or SEPA Direct Debit. You give us a direct debit mandate during the ordering process.

We will inform you before the next charge through a pre-notification. At this point, the discounted subscription can still be canceled.


We generally ship our products with DHL. For orders to be shipped outside of Germany, DHL will work with the national postal services in the respective country. We can also ship your order with UPS, Hermes or DPD by request. For orders outside of Germany, however, this may incur higher shipping costs, so please check with us prior to ordering by sending us an email at
Yes, we do. However, shipping costs outside of the EU and, in some cases, customs charges may also apply. The shipping costs will be shown during the order process. To find out more about any customs charges you may incur, please contact your local customs office. Please have a look at our shipping page as well:
We hope you don’t, but in the unlikely event that something happens that means you have a good reason for refusing the package, the package will be returned to us (for orders in Germany) and we’ll get in touch with you. You can then proceed with a replacement or cancellation of your order free of charge. If you have ordered from outside of Germany and refuse the package, we can provide a replacement shipment. However, if you decide to cancel your order, we’ll need to deduct the costs of the return shipping from your refund.
Of course! You’ll receive an email update when your order is first scanned in the distribution center. The email will contain tracking information.
We can deliver to DHL’s parcel lockers. Please provide your post box number during the order process to ensure everything goes smoothly. Depending on your post box provider and the size of your post box, we may be able to deliver to post boxes outside of Germany. Please check with our support team before ordering.


You can pay in advance, with PayPal and with probably all credit cards available. If you want to pay by cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero…), please contact us via chat or email before placing your order, so that we can make you a proposal.
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