Price adjustment

Delivery times for raw materials have tripled in some cases with significantly higher prices. Together with conventional grain prices, organic prices are also climbing significantly. Therefore, due to the current situation, we were forced to adjust our prices.

Visit our studio kitchen

Visit our site and be amazed at the possibilities BERTRAND opens up for you. How about energizing fruit balls or fruit bars for on the go? Or with hearty freshly baked bread? You can also eat healthy and balanced with our various smoothie bowls.

Rock Salt

In this article we inform you why we use high purity rock salt instead of sea salt for our organic product.

We visit the Lysefjord!

“Man is a part of nature and not something that contradicts it,” said Bertrand Russell, philosopher and founder of the BERTRAND name. With this in mind, we will visit Norway and test our product in overcoming 4000 meters of altitude. From Sunday to Sunday we will enjoy the cold and wet Norwegian temperatures while we walk around the picturesque paths of the Lysefjord. To test one around our product under the lifelike strains of an outdoor trekking tour. On the other hand to share our experiences with you and to establish BERTRAND not only as office food but also as outdoor food. But before that we have updated BERTRAND. The …

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Biofach 2020 in Nuremberg

The world’s leading trade fair for organic products, the BIOFACH 2020, was held in Nürnberg from February 17-20. BERTRAND had the great honour of being there this year. BIOFACH has now taken place for the 31st time and looks back on a successful trade fair history:

Apple festival 2019 at the Vauß-Hof

Every third weekend in October, the Pötting family extends an invitation to the Apple Festival on the Vauß-Hof in Scharmede. Once again this year, there was the opportunity to experience the special atmosphere of the now ever-growing festival.


Miracle Morning, yoga and meditation, productivity curves, super food, perfectly timed sleeping times, the ideal diet. All common terms that mean one thing, especially in today’s world: to optimize yourself and get the most out of yourself.

Grasping attachments with BERTRAND

The year has already left the first months behind and the question of good intentions seems superfluous. The sports shoes are already gathering dust again, the frozen pizza for the evening is in the freezer and although one wanted to avoid stress, one is already working overtime again. But even now it is not too late to change that and to arrange your life the way you want it to be.  According to statistics, healthy nutrition, more sports, and more time for yourself and friends are the most common resolutions in 2019 as well. Experience shows that you need a good plan, but flexibility also helps you to realize your …

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Short note: Our BERTRAND shaker is back in stock!

Due to a short-term flood of orders, we ran out of our BERTRAND shaker during the last few weeks and had to fall back on the model without our logo. However, our warehouse is now once again properly stocked and we can ship our shaker again. Our shaker is made of tritan, BPA-free as well as free of other bisphenol compounds. You can find information about tritan here: Tritan Safe. We have added fill marks to help you when dosing the powder. As usual, new customers will receive this with the first order of a package, free of charge. Those who need more shakers will find them here in our …

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