Price adjustment

Price adjustment

Following the Corona pandemic, which has not yet been overcome, an additional area of tension with global influence has arisen in recent weeks as a result of the war in Ukraine, which is deeply upsetting for all of us. As a result, there is hardly any planning certainty for the future and, above all, energy prices have recently risen to unprecedented heights.


We are receiving price increases in all areas on a daily basis.

Energy costs have almost doubled, and even with existing contracts, a full supply is not guaranteed at the moment.

Prices for packaging materials, if they are supplied at all, have risen significantly once again.

Delivery times for raw materials have tripled in some cases with significantly higher prices. Together with conventional grain prices, organic prices are also climbing significantly.

The current situation is also having an extreme impact on the logistics industry, which is also suffering from an extreme shortage of drivers, exacerbated by the approximately 100,000 Ukrainian drivers who are no longer available.
One could continue this list forever.

Against this background, pricing is almost impossible and presents us with the very great challenge of guaranteeing prices with a sense of proportion and, above all, reliable deliveries on a daily basis. From today’s point of view, we can say that we are able to deliver and that a supply is guaranteed, even if we are strongly affected by some raw materials and uncertain delivery times.

Therefore, due to the current situation, we were forced to adjust our prices.

Due to the partly daily exorbitant price jumps, it may well happen that we have to make further adjustments at short notice and without major notice.

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