Rene’s experience with BERTRAND

Rene’s experience with BERTRAND

I came across Bertrand while searching for a good alternative to the trekking diet. I’m vegetarian and unfortunately also lactose-intolerant, which means I’m somewhat challenged on the nourishment front. That’s why I was looking for something with no meat, that was still delicious, and that would still get me through the day without putting on much weight.

unspecifiedThe answer came through Youtube and I thus quickly decided I would give Bertrand a shot. The ordering process leaves no room for playing around, which meant I quickly decided to go all the way and convert my diet completely to Bertrand for 30 days. My partner’s concerns that I would use up almost my entire monthly budget for shopping were quickly brushed aside, and just like that the order was placed. The 15 kilogram package arrived at my office and I quickly prepared my first shake. – What can I say? It tasted fantastic.

He who has ever made a shake from Muesli (Firestarter), knows more or less what awaits him. As for flavor, I went for vanilla, closely followed by blueberry. The one without crumbs is also not too shabby, but since I have to choose… It had been getting harder and harder to combine my increasingly higher dietary standards with my job. Too often were the times I swapped a home-made salad for a sandwich from the bakery, due to time constraints. That’s why Bertrand is the perfect answer to a purposeful and healthy diet. I quickly add a package of my choice to my basket, throw in a shaker for good measure, and just like that it’s on the way. While everyone at my workplace are drinking their first coffee, I’m shaking away happily and getting the day off to a good start. Preparing the shake as Muesli in a bowl for lunch with my coworkers? – Not a problem, works wonders. I put in the powder, add a little hot water, and let it sit for a while. Then afternoons on the couch with my girlfriend watching an episode of Game of Thrones? Of course that’s also shake time… although I admit sometimes it is really tough. 😛

On top of all that I’ve also discovered a cool side effect.

Since I now consistently intake 2000 calories, which at the moment roughly cover my needs, I’m also quickly losing weight. Something I had been putting off for a long time. 😉

What’s next?

I will stick to Bertrand, continue to prepare my shakes in the morning and at lunchtime, and cook a healthy meal in the afternoon. Even when away from home for longer periods, Bertrand is still the only and obvious choice. A five-day test in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains just served to validate the “food and drink to go” concept.

I’m a fan, please keep it up and stay with us.


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