Were you part of the redesign?

You somehow look different

The taste remains

The design becomes clearer

We have adjusted our bags in such a way that we are moving away from labeled bags and towards the use of individually printed bags, creating a clearer and more attractive appearance.

We are introducing this bag design gradually. Once the familiar bags are sold out, you will receive our new design.

We will also extend this new design to our bottles as well as to a new product that will be introduced in a few weeks.

Recipe Adjustments

With the design change, we have slightly modified our recipe. The main reason for this is the increasing difficulty in obtaining high-quality walnut products, and we want to avoid any compromise in quality or delivery issues. To remove walnut from the recipe, we only had to make a minor recombination of the existing ingredients. Fortunately, since the amount of walnut in the recipe was small, we were able to completely preserve the taste.

Another advantage of eliminating walnut flour is that we significantly reduce the allergenic risk. This responds to many customers’ requests for products without walnuts or traces of walnuts and significantly improves our internal risk management.

Furthermore, we have decided to remove Acerola from our recipe again. Using Acerola was a simple and inexpensive way to add Vitamin C to the product. However, we have heeded repeated requests to discontinue its use and are now increasing the Vitamin C content again by significantly increasing the amount of Sea Buckthorn powder. This has also concurrently increased the content of other vitamins.

We have conducted several blind tests with the aim of detecting differences between the recipes, and no test group could show a significant preference for either variant. Therefore, the original taste is maintained. The consistency is, in any case, unaffected.

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