With BERTRAND along the Lysefjord

21. August 2019
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21. August 2019 Christel Badtke

With BERTRAND along the Lysefjord

At BERTRAND, the focus over the next few weeks will be on "trekking", or in other words, long distance walking. There will be brief posts on our blog that will make you want to enjoy this beautiful sport.

A few years ago, some of the team from BERTRAND set off to hike along the Lysefjord. This is in Norway and is about 40 kilometers long. At its deepest point it is about 500 meters deep. It is the southernmost of the large fjords in Norway and it is lined with tall trees. They packed BERTRAND, which was not only easy to stow in a backpack, but also filled them up and provided the necessary nutrients to survive the tour and still be strengthened.

The tour went on for four days and stretched from Preikestolen to Lysebotn (unfortunately without climbing Kjerag) past a few sights. Afterwards it went up the stairs at Flørli. This staircase has 4444 steps and is one of the longest wooden staircases in the world. The stairs follow the locks, which provide the shore with water. On the way you have a fantastic view over the treetops, onto the Lysefjords and Preikestolen, a natural rock plateau.

The breathtaking nature in Norway invites hiking and camping and BERTRAND has a strong desire to once again undertake a trekking tour in the land of trolls and fjords.

In the next and final article in our trekking series we suggest hiking routes that could be your next destinations.
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