7. August 2019 Christel Badtke

With BERTRAND against the summer heat

Summer is here, and with it comes the heat. For many people, summer heat is just hard to handle and when you're not on vacation lying on the beach but in the office, in school, or at the university, then it's not all that pleasant. To help you get through the summer well and with a cool head, we've got a few tips for you today:

Cooking is never enjoyable in the heat. Instead of doing it, switch to dishes that you don't have to cook. A refreshing salad, a cold tomato soup, your BERTRAND with ice cubes – the possibilities are endless. For example, you can also freeze fruits for breakfast and mix them with (vegetable) milk and BERTRAND for a refreshing shake. "Healthy" ice cream for breakfast, so to speak. Many of these dishes are also not very heavy in the stomach and lighten your load even more in the summer. Generally you should avoid greasy food when you are warm. And most important: always remember to drink enough.
Avoid tight clothing made from synthetic fabrics. Airy, loose clothing made of natural materials is more suitable for high temperatures and you don't sweat as much.
Remember your sunglasses, protect your skin with sunscreen and avoid staying in direct sunlight for too long. If you're outside, look for a shady spot.
Early risers and night owls have clear advantages in the summer because at these times it's coolest in the summer. Try to adapt your training times to the circumstances or choose shady running routes.
People who live on the top floor dread the hot days. Air well in the morning and in the evening and then darken your apartment. It also helps to keep electrical appliances to a minimum because they generate additional heat.
Take advantage of the nice days. Drive to the water, have a nice evening on your balcony, meet up with friends in the park for a picnic and enjoy the sunshine. The warm season is over all too quickly, and despite the heat, it helps most to make the best of it.
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