Trekking – What is it?

21. June 2019
21. June 2019 Christel Badtke

Trekking – What is it?

The next few weeks at BERTRAND will be dedicated to trekking, i.e. long distance hiking. Every week there will be small articles on our blog, which should make you feel like this beautiful sport.

But what is trekking really? Hiking and trekking are often used interchangeably. Yet, when you go trekking, what’s really meant is a multiday hike. It often means a good place to stay and infrastructure – so no streets or paths. Hiking is used to describe day-long walks on set hiking trails. When we talk about trekking, we’re really referring to long-distance hiking. The word itself means a difficult march.

One of the main reasons for going trekking is to enjoy nature. A desire and a curiosity to return to nature and to discover the natural world as well as ancient or different cultures. Depending on the country and the weather, you’re completely at the mercy of nature, and very much surrounded by it.

However, in some countries, wild camping, that is camping anywhere you want, is illegal. So it’s important for the enthusiastic trekker to stick to these rules and to learn about them. One of the most important rules for every trekker is to respect and to protect its beauty. As the saying goes: & quot; leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but memories. & Quot;

Trekking provides more challenges than regular hiking. Off the beaten track, you’ll need endurance, stamina, and so mental strength. Because they are remote, you’ll need to make sure your food is light, but also provides you with adequate nutrients. Your body will burn a lot of calories that you’ll need to replenish. But each of your meals should not weigh you down so much that you’re left feeling weak and exhausted.

BERTRAND has the advantage of being very light and fitting in any backpack. It’s quick to make and provides your body with the nutrients it wants for your next trek. [/ Ut_alert]

In our next post, we’ll share some tips for beginners, who are hoping to get into trekking, and maybe even take it for a ride on their next trek.


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