Tested by experienced teleologists and dentologists.

Tested by experienced teleologists and dentologists.

The times of food containing only obvious aspects like nutritional value, comfort and taste as choice factors are over. For this reason, we have created something new, which is suitable for you preference utilitarianists and categorical imperialists as well, and is deemed morally unobjectionable by experienced dentologists and consequentialists. Vegan BERTRAND.

To develop modern powdered food is unbelievably multifaceted. When you believe indisputably that you have succeeded, and that everything fits mathematically and every nutritional value is met, it will often be lacking in taste. But what is the point in developing a vegan full nutritional powder that tastes so awful that no one will eat it? So: re-evaluate, replace ingredients, perform taste tests, inform suppliers, obtain an OK and then, after weeks: Wham! It’s a go!

Where milk powder had to give way, in vegan BERTRAND we now resort to calcium for excellent bio-availability of the red algae Lithothamnium calcareum and various B vitamins from guava-, basil- and lemon peel extract. For Vitamin B -12, we resort largely to the algae Porphyra spp., which in a previous study was the only non-synthetic and non-animal source of vitamin B12 capable of showing a good bio-availability. A small part of Vitamin B12 is also acquired from the algae Chlorella. Due to the study situation being quite small, we recommend, in compliance with the Vegan Society, to supplement a purely vegan diet with vitamin B12 products. The lack of the proteins due to the absence of milk powder are replicated with an organic rice protein from brown rice in the vegan version. This has an almost perfect amino acid ratio and is therefore just right for our product.

In the end, we did not have to make any compromises when it came to taste. It still retains the typically nutty, milky taste with almond shavings, cereals as well as freshly ground oil seeds and a good handful of buckthorn.

Are you affected by the change?

Due to an unforeseen number of supporters who already pre-ordered our vegan BERTRAND, as well as due to two failed deliveries, we have a back order which will soon be caught up.

1 Vitamin B12-Containing Plant Food Sources for Vegetarians http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4042564/

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