BERTRAND is sometimes more than just a shake that contains all the essential nutrients (according to Nutrient Reference Values (NRV)) that you need. With a bit of creativity it can also be used as an ingredient individually. And since summer isn’t over yet, we have a summery shake for you!



  1. BERTRAND classic
  2. Milk (or vegetable alternative)
  3. Peach nectar
  4. 2-3 ripe peaches
  5. a small handful of blueberries
    If required: a pinch of cinnamon

First mix the BERTRAND with the milk and juice and let it stand for a moment. During this time peel the peaches, remove the seeds and cut them into small pieces. Puree the fruit with the BERTRAND and put the shake in a cool place overnight. Alternatively, you can freeze the fruit a little beforehand.

The peach is one of the sweetest fruits of all and is also really healthy. It contains many nutrients like calcium or magnesium, but also vitamin A and C. It is also said to reduce stress due to its high niacin content. All this makes this fruit the perfect companion for the summer.

How are the almonds processed?

There is a huge range of almond products on the market. They are offered peeled and unpeeled, roasted and unroasted, ground, chopped, pinned, salted, coated and sugared. This shows the popularity and the various uses of the almond. For BERTRAND drinking meals we need two forms: ground almonds and almond crunch. For this, the sweet almonds pass through many stations.



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Eat Christmas trees

The spicy winter aroma of pine needles harmonises wonderfully with our BERTRAND shakes and especially with our apple-cinnamon flavor pack. To make pine needle powder, you can simply finely grind dry needles with the hand mortar or an electric blender.

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