How do I prepare BERTRAND?

The ultimate guide to our product


There isn't much that can go wrong with preparation, but we do answer questions that come to us from time to time.

Measurement and mixing proportions

We can only give a recommendation here regarding what we have found to work well in our experience.
Our recommendation is that for 1 part powder, 3.5 parts by weight of water can be added.
If you want to measure it very precisely, then put the water in the shaker first (scale in ml on the shaker) and then add in the weighed-out powder.

That is an everyday helper for people who want to divide their daily pouches into roughly three meals.

To do this, you would add powder up to the appropriate mark. So for classic and vegan, up to the "OTHERS" mark, and for active or vegan active, up to the "ACTIVE" mark.

After that, you can fill the shaker with water to above the green grip area and shake it with the spiral ball.

No weighing, no measuring spoon, it's the quickest way.

Yes, that works too.

For us it's simply more common to measure the powder first.

Some of us also put the powder into the shaker in the morning, and then at the office we only need to add in the water.

But either way will work. Feel free!

Flavor Packs

Our FlavorPacks provide sufficient flavoring for a meal size of 3–5 measuring spoons of BERTRAND.

Thus it will of course be the case that the product will perhaps taste too intense with three measuring spoons, and with five measuring spoons naturally less intense.

In this process it's up to you to adjust the amount so that the flavor suits you.

So, if it becomes too intense, then keep a certain amount back in the sachet the next time you are measuring.

Yes, that works too.

For us it's simply more common to measure the powder first.

Some of us also put the powder in the shaker in the morning, and then at the office we only need to add in the water.

But either way will work. Feel free!

Water and other suitable liquids

Water works wonderfully. Available everywhere, cheap, good ecological balance.

You can, however, use other liquids too. A lot of our customers use milk and for the vegan variants, plant milk always goes down well.

You could also try an espresso or some juice in your shake, people really are often pleasantly surprised. Sometimes just surprised, however, without the "pleasant" part.

No, that doesn't really work, at least not as a drinkable meal.

Our product contains a high proportion of whole grains and seeds, which swell up too much in hot water. Then everything becomes rather pulpy.

But if you want to make porridge, then definitely. That will work.

We don't recommend it.

There are two problems with this. On the one hand, the product will swell up due to the grains contained in it and will become mushy.

On the other, our product is very rich in unsaturated fatty acids and the fats will separate from the water over time. That isn't necessarily bad, but it's rather unpleasant to look at.

You should preferably use up your shake within no more than one hour.

Hardware: Shaker and spiral ball

In 99.5% of cases this means the lid needs to be pressed on tighter.

With enough pressure there will be an audible click. The shaker then is securely closed and can be shaken.

This usually happens when the spiral ball is already in the shaker when the powder is added.

The solution here is to put the spiral ball into the shaker last of all.

So first the powder, then the water, then the spiral ball.

This is sometimes possible.

Solution number 1 here is always: shake longer and harder.

But another common reason is when the proportion of powder to water is a bit too much on the side of the powder.

In this case it can help to do a pre-shake, that is, mix half the powder with the water first and only then add in the other half and shake vigorously once more.

Why are there FlavorPacks and not flavored variants?

As BERTRAND has said, the reason why we now use FlavorPacks is that they allow us to be much more flexible.

We can now launch new flavors very quickly, with which you can always keep your drinkable meals varied. This was possible only with difficulty with the pre-flavored variants, as it is very costly logistically for us to produce and store four variants (classic, vegan, active, and vegan active). Now: no problem.

The more important reason, however, is that we can use the newly gained free space in production and in the warehouse to offer completely new variants. We have already started this process with vegan active, and in the future we will see what we can offer that is new and exciting. We are thinking, for example, of variants with a higher proportion of vegetables with a spiced flavor as well as limited editions such as cocoa, banana, or variants with a lot of real fruit from freeze-dried fruits. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t miss any news.


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