Redesign 2019

22. September 2019
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22. September 2019 Tobias Stöber

Redesign 2019

As you loyal customers have surely noticed, our site has undergone a redesign. The new design is the result of abundant feedback from customers who have requested specific improvements or additional features. Where we could, we fulfilled the requests. These are the most important changes:

Colors and fonts
The design was generally overhauled and is now brighter, clearer, and more structured. Especially on mobile devices, the readability and usability has been improved.

Quantities in the shop
Until now, we have offered three order sizes with fixed quantities. We have said goodbye to that with this redesign, so that BERTRAND can now be ordered in all the varieties in any quantities and combinations.

Falling price structure
As in the previous shop, we continue to offer a falling price structure. The discount now works per five pouches ordered or per two boxes of our Green Bottles ordered. Overall, we now offer our product even more affordably than before.

A much desired feature was that we offer a subscription to our product. We fulfilled this request with the current version of our website. The subscription activates monthly shipping, but requires payment by credit card or PayPal. For taking out a subscription, we grant an additional 5% off of the shopping cart as a discount.

VAT-exempt delivery
Companies from the EU, but outside Germany, can now order VAT-free from us. For this it is only necessary that a valid VAT number can be given. During the order, the VAT tax will be automatically deleted.

While ordering, did you notice any errors on our new website? Please let us know. Either by clicking on our support option on the bottom right, or by sending us an e-mail at Alternatively, you can also call us: 0049-5258-9777325
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