Recipe: BERTRAND Vanilla Banana Muesli

23. February 2019
23. February 2019 Christel Badtke

Recipe: BERTRAND Vanilla Banana Muesli

Sometimes BERTRAND is more than just a shake that contains all of the important nutrients you need. With a little creativity, it can be used as an ingredient as well. Today we have a recipe for a quick breakfast:

Vanilla Banana Muesli

Vanilla Flavored Bertrand
2 drops of vanilla extract
1 ripe banana
approx. 250 ml oat milk (cow's milk or other plant milk)
Toppings like nuts, cacao nibs, etc, as desired

Cut the banana into small pieces. Put the Bertrand powder into a bowl and pour the milk and vanilla extract over it, stir thoroughly with a small whisk until the powder has dissolved. Let it rest for a moment, then add the banana and other toppings and enjoy!

Information about bananas:
Bananas could be considered a miracle food, because not only are they cheap, they're also good for you. They're full of B vitamins, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C. The combination of the slow-burning fiber, like in muesli, and the simple carbs in a banana will also make sure you stay feeling full.

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