Our New BERTRAND Shaker Is Available

16. January 2017
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16. January 2017 Peter Buttne

Our New BERTRAND Shaker Is Available

Good news: For the preparation of our shakes as of now we provide our new BERTRAND shaker. Our shaker is, just like its predecessor, made from Tritan by the Eastman Chemicals company. That yields benefits…

While many other plastics which are used in the production of shakers show estrogenic effects, the manufacturer Eastman Chemicals does not only guarantee that Tritan is free from BPA, but also free from BPS or other bisphenol compounds with estrogenic effects.

Apart from health benefits, our new shaker also exhibits further advantages which are of a practical nature.

  • High break strength even when falling on stone.
  • Easy to clean, also in the dishwasher.
  • Odor- and flavor-resistant, so that your shake tastes only like BERTRAND.
  • Spiral ball made from surgical stainless steel, for a shake free from lumps.
  • Handy closure for absolute tightness and possibility of attaching the shaker to a carabiner.

Our shaker is now branded to our brand name and will automatically and free of charge be part of the delivery to new customers for any order of a starter package or above. In case you need further shakers, it can be purchased cost-effectively here in the shop.

Peter | Customer Care

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