New flavour — Baked apple and cinnamon

6. November 2016
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6. November 2016 Peter Buttne

New flavour — Baked apple and cinnamon

Fittingly for autumn, there is a spreading desire for warmth and cosiness here at BERTRAND, which has taken hold of everyone. Fellow colleagues no longer drive to work by car, but instead use leaf-covered forests paths, in order to hear a rustle that sounds with every step. Everyone is suddenly wearing dark woolen sweaters furnished with leather patches at the elbows, and during breaks, they build figurines out of chestnuts, which they present on the mantelpiece with pride.

We have packed this mood into our new flavour, which tastes like baked apple and cinnamon. As of now, you can purchase it in the shop.

Why not use the coupon SAVE2016? By doing this, we will donate € 2.50 to Save the Children and reduce your amount by € 2.50 as well.
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