Losing weight with BERTRAND – Ulrike’s story

2. January 2020

Losing weight with BERTRAND – Ulrike’s story

Early summer 2019 – a cheerfully smiling woman gets out of the car. She and her husband have driven from the Ruhr area to Ostwestfalen-Lippe to visit us. Ulrike wants to lose weight and is looking for a shake to lose weight. She knows that BERTRAND is not a conventional product for losing weight. But it still gives her control. And so Ulrike’s journey begins with BERTRAND:

“Friends call me Rike!” – Ulrik is a fun-loving woman in her sixties, and this is not the first time she enters a production on this day. She has already worked in productions in Düsseldorf and Cuxhaven in her past. But now she is in the small production of BERTRAND for the first time. “It smells very pleasant,” says Ulrike and means the smell of the freshly processed ingredients. After a short tour we sit together in the office and she tells her story:


Ulrike stammt aus Essen. Ihr Wunsch, weniger auf der Waage zu haben, brachte sie zu BERTRAND.

Ulrike's search for the shake to lose weight

But there’s one thing that bothers Ulrike. Her weight. Unhealthy food, no regular meals and no control over nutrients and calories caused Ulrike to have weight problems. And because she also has a lot of ambition, she started looking for something that could help her to reduce her weight. She tried the usual well-known slimming shakes, but they either didn’t help or were not very tasty. Jojo effect and ravenous appetite were guaranteed and did little to help her lose weight. And so she finally came to BERTRAND. With the keywords “vegan”, “organic” and “shake” she came to our site, made a trial order and found BERTRAND so appealing that she contacted us.

One of the important reasons for her weight loss goal was also her health history. A cancer illness made Ulrike rethink and deal more with her diet. This is how her enthusiasm for vegan cuisine, with which she still loves to cook, was born. And since then she has been feeling better, she says.

Losing weight with BERTRAND

Where we are back at the beginning of the story. Ulrike has now lost a good 10 kilos. She feeds on BERTRAND on the one hand and on fresh meals like salad or fish on the other. She is also enthusiastic about interval fasting. In the morning, she says, she does not need breakfast. So Ulrike takes her first meal at noon. She also likes to go to the thermal baths for a swim. Thanks to BERTRAND, however, she now knows exactly what she is eating and can arrange the shake as she likes. She uses apps to count her calories and is therefore in complete control. BERTRAND provides her with many important nutrients so that she can lose weight in a healthy way. With her will, she will certainly reach her goal and BERTRAND is happy to continue to support her in this endeavour!

Our interview with Ulrike

Learn more about Ulrike

You are welcome to have a look at our Youtube-Channel . There you will find great recipes with BERTRAND and our video with Ulrike!

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