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With BERTRAND – Cherry-Banana, a new summery-fruity flavor of our popular drinkable meals comes on the market. But beware: BERTRAND – Cherry Banana is a limited edition – once gone, it’s gone.

So for all enjoyers of these delicious summer flavors, it’s “grab it before it’s too late”. Cherry banana is available in the classic and vegan versions. As usual with our Limited Editions, these are also only available in our pouches and not in pre-dosed bottles.

If you put a banana next to a cherry, they cease to be banana and cherry. They become fruits.

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FAQ about BERTRAND - Cherry-Banana

Yes, just like all products from our production, this Limited Edition is also gluten-free. The oats we use for our products come from a Demeter project that guarantees completely gluten-free oat supplies. As an additional guarantee of safety, we have our products regularly analyzed by the independent Intertek Institute in Bremen.

No. For all our products, we guarantee that all ingredients are sourced as natural plants cultivated according to organic standards. The use of flavorings is completely eliminated. Both ingredients are dried extremely gently. In total, approximately 5 times the amount of bananas and cherries is needed to make the powder.

The proportion of banana is 19% and cherry 4% per bag.

Yes, since all-natural fruits and no flavorings are used, the total sugar content is naturally higher due to the higher fructose content.

Yes, there is a vegan and a classic version. The classic version contains powdered milk.

It is best prepared by adding milk or vegetable milk.

No, the Limited Edition BERTRAND Cherry Banana is only available in our pouches. It is not available in pre-dosed bottles.

Ingredients – BERTRAND – Cherry-Banana classic
gluten-free whole grain oats* (29%), banana powder* (19%), rapeseed oil powder* (cold-pressed rapeseed oil* and maltodextrin*), skimmed milk powder* (15%), grated and chopped almonds* (7.4%), agave powder*, linseed flour*, grated sunflower seeds* (4%), cherry powder* (4%), sea buckthorn berries*, natural thickener: Guar gum*, rock salt, coconut flour*, algae powder* (porphyra*), algae powder* (chlorella*), acerola powder*, mushroom powder* (shiitake*), nettle powder*, guava extract*, lemon peel extract*, basil leaf extract* – *from certified organic cultivation

Ingredients – BERTRAND – Cherry-Banana – vegan
gluten-free whole grain oats* (31%), banana powder* (19%). Rapeseed oil powder* (cold-pressed rapeseed oil* and maltodextrin*), grated and chopped almonds* (7%), flaxseed meal*, grated sunflower seeds*, cherry powder* (4%), agave powder*, pea protein* (3%), rice protein*, walnut flour* (2%), sea buckthorn berries* (1%), coconut flour*, natural thickener: Guar Gum*, Algae Powder* (Porphyra*), Rock Salt, Nutritional Yeast*, Algae Powder (Lithothamnium Calcareum), Algae Powder* (Chlorella*), Acerola Powder*, Mushroom Powder* (Shiitake*), Guava Extract*, Lemon Peel Extract*, Basil Leaf Extract*

– *from certified organic cultivation

The allergens in all our products can be found in the listing of ingredients directly on the product. Allergens are printed there in bold. We have had testing for histamines in addition to allergen analysis. The results are published on our website.

Yes. As with many of our products, we offer volume discounts on larger purchases of BERTRAND Cherry Banana. Moreover, the volume discount is granted not only when buying many units of this product, but also when the Limited Edition is purchased together with other variants.

What our customers say

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That is why cherry banana

BERTRAND Cherry Banana is a temptingly delicious summer variant intended to bring vacation mood, joy, and carefreeness into everyday life in spring and summer. Since even the most beautiful summer must come to an end, BERTRAND Cherry Banana is a limited edition. As always with us, this term is to be understood literally – when BERTRAND Cherry Banana is gone, this delicious fruity-fresh drinkable meal is truly gone. If you don’t want to miss out on this unique summer taste experience, you should grab it quickly.

Nutritional values.

Here you can find the average nutritional values of the classic and the vegan limited edition per 100g.


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