Organic basil

Common basil (botanical name: Ocimum basilicum) is widely known as a Mediterranean herb. It finds its way fresh or dried into sauces and soups, crowns pizzas and salads, goes well with fish and meat, is made into pesto and is a must in tomato sauce and ratatouille. In addition, it is also processed into basil leaf extract, a fine brownish-yellow powder. The extract contains a wide range of different components.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Today’s article deals with the topic of essential, polyunsaturated fatty acids. In the case of these fatty acids, the crux is the addition of the word “essential”, which means that they are nutrients that we need to take in because our body is incapable of producing them on its own from other substances. At the same time, however, it relies on their presence in order to function ideally. In this article, we provide a small overview of the various kinds of unsaturated fatty acids there are, explain how we obtain the fatty acids and give information on the important factors involved in handling these substances in such a way that …

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Proteins are energetic specialists and they are inevitable for the functions of our body. They occur in every cell and mostly make up more than 50% of their dry weight. Where those proteins come from and how many of them we need will be explained in this short article.  What is a protein? A protein is a macromolecule, which means that it is a chain of many atoms, that, when folded together, equal one particle, that executes very specialized functions for our body. Some proteins serve as transporters, in order to, for example, forward oxygen from A to B, others can assist in defending from germs or at contracting muscles, …

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