Event: First semester at the University of Paderborn

In cooperation with the student group, MTP (Marketing between Theory and Practice) we have provided the new students at the University of Paderborn with BERTRAND.

The recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals, of course, also helps you to stay awake and attentive in the daily routine of your studies.

Subsequently, here are some more pictures of the distribution action.

New brochure. New Shaker.

We are now creating a new brochure for BERTRAND and visited the local forests for a photo shoot.
As a model, our new shaker agreed to come along.

Handed in Later: The Martin’s Run

Last year, we supported the Paderborn Martin’s Run and made sure that the athletes could regenerate with fresh nutrients at the finish line. Now we are delivering the pictures we took of the booth. In this year as well we are going to support different events. Maybe we will be in your neighborhood soon!

Do you want BERTRAND to be present at a specific event? We would love for you to contact us with the details!

BBC – The Food Chain. Interview with BERTRAND.

The international radio broadcaster BBC is reporting on the complete nutrition powder trend in the edition from 01/21/2017. And in doing so, they consider the topic from several perspectives. For the broadcast, Tobias Stöber, founder of BERTRAND, was also invited to be interviewed.

The broadcast was moderated by Emily Thomas, who also conducted the interview. We were also able to justify, among other things, why a mixture made from natural ingredients is preferable to the consumption of isolated, synthetically manufactured nutrients. The program can be heard in its full length as a podcast with a click of the button.

BBC – The Food Chain. Interview with BERTRAND.

Our New BERTRAND Shaker Is Available

Good news: For the preparation of our shakes as of now we provide our new BERTRAND shaker. Our shaker is, just like its predecessor, made from Tritan by the Eastman Chemicals company. That yields benefits…

While many other plastics which are used in the production of shakers show estrogenic effects, the manufacturer Eastman Chemicals does not only guarantee that Tritan is free from BPA, but also free from BPS or other bisphenol compounds with estrogenic effects.

Apart from health benefits, our new shaker also exhibits further advantages which are of a practical nature.

  • High break strength even when falling on stone.
  • Easy to clean, also in the dishwasher.
  • Odor- and flavor-resistant, so that your shake tastes only like BERTRAND.
  • Spiral ball made from surgical stainless steel, for a shake free from lumps.
  • Handy closure for absolute tightness and possibility of attaching the shaker to a carabiner.

Our shaker is now branded to our brand name and will automatically and free of charge be part of the delivery to new customers for any order of a starter package or above. In case you need further shakers, it can be purchased cost-effectively here in the shop.

Peter | Customer Care

Have any questions remain unanswered?

I am happy to answer any questions you might have on this topic. Feel free to write me an e-mail. You will usually receive an answer within 48 hours.

Peter | Customer Carepeter@bertrand.bio

Ordering Soylent in Europe?

Cover picture: BERTRAND, an alternative to Soylent, which obtains its nutrients from natural, organic ingredients.

The way we have been feeding ourselves so far is inefficient. That is the key premise from which the product Soylent by former software developer Rob Rhinehart has emerged. In its powdered version, Soylent is mainly a melange of soy protein, isomaltulose, and maltodextrin. Synthetically manufactured vitamins and minerals are added in order to cover the recommended daily nutrient requirements. Most advantages of a nutrition powder are obvious:

Time saving through Soylent

Time saving through SoylentThe conventional way we eat is rather time-consuming. We have to reflect on what we want to eat, we have to buy the ingredients to prepare, we cook, eat, and do the washing up. With a Soylent diet, the expenditure of time disappears almost completely. The purchase is handled online and delivered via package directly to one’s home. For one meal, a bit of powder is filled into a shaker, water is added, the concoction is shaken briefly, and the food is ready-to-eat. Most of the time, the respective activity does not have to be interrupted for consumption.

Healthier diet through Soylent?

Healthier diet through SoylentSoylent contains, so the manufacturer promises, all vitamins and minerals that are recommended for an average adult per day. If one takes the scientific recommendations on nutritional value seriously, a healthy diet is in fact not easy. In many households, standard meals are being prepared varyingly which do not depict nutrients in their respectively recommended amount. It has yet to be proven if a Soylent diet, to which synthetically manufactured nutrients have been added, is in fact healthier than a conventional diet with actual food. But there is an alternative to Soylent.

Ordering Soylent in Europe?

Ordering Soylent in EuropeBERTRAND is a product which implements the obvious advantages of Soylent without including possible uncertainties of synthetic vitamins and minerals. We have put together different ingredients of organic quality for BERTRAND in a manner that covers the nutritional value recommendations for an average adult. We do not use synthetic vitamins and additives or products in which genetic engineering has been used. Each and every package of BERTRAND contains only natural ingredients. Finely ground gluten-free oats, a good handful of buckthorn berries, pulverized oilseeds, healthy nuts as well as nori seaweeds from Spain and further ingredients whose entirety covers the daily requirements for essential nutrients. Everything is of healthy, organic quality and free of gluten.

Would you like to test the advantages of Soylent now in Europe as well? Sample our product and save 5 % on your first order with the code SLNT5 and, beginning with the starter package, also get our BERTRAND shaker for free, made from BPA-free tritan.
Peter | Customer Care

Have any questions remain unanswered?

I am happy to answer any questions you might have on this topic. Feel free to write me an e-mail. You will usually receive an answer within 48 hours.

Peter | Customer Carepeter@bertrand.bio

New model for recommendation to friends

5% for your friend, 10€ for you

Do you appreciate the benefits of a fast, healthy diet, and do you like BERTRAND? We earn our living from you passing on your recommendation, so we are updating our ways of making recommendations to friends.

With immediate effect, our new voucher-based model gives every new customer a one-off discount on their shopping basket of 5%. At the same time, for every successful recommendation that you make we give you a credit note worth €10.

Our referrer tool allows advertising in emails, on Twitter or on Facebook. You can of course tell people about the vouchers anywhere else and start collecting credit notes immediately.

Click here to access the referrer page. You can find a overview of customers that you have recruited in Your Account.

Are you looking for someone to recruit you as a new customer? You can be sure of finding someone in this subreddit under the title Solyent.

2016 Gastrosophicum – The Internet of Food 4.0

BETRAND was part of this year’s Gastrosophicum in EFERDING, Upper Austria and there was served the special menu in combination (as per request) with bread and butter to set the scene: “possibly opti-meal-ized data carriers”

The change in diet comes either way. Only which and with which philosophy? The International Gastrosophy Forum has resolved for the 2016 Gastrophicum to explore the change in diet 4.0. Because everything that is currently developing under the trending terms Internet 4.0 and smart apps could make a future Internet of food with its bits and bites tasty to us.

Within the 2016 Gastrosophicum, BERTRAND was tied up in the podium discussion “Bits and bites. How does the future taste?” among others with the well-known food trend researcher Hanni Rützler, the innovative food technology scientist Otmar Höglinger, and the philosopher and director of the International Gastrosophy Forum, Harald Lemke.

Read on (german page): Gastrosophicum 2016

Announcement of New Products

Our company will see some changes in 2016. Above all the move to our new location and the the launch of our own product line will mean that we’ll be introducing two additional product varieties, and making preparations for a new type of product by mid-year. Here in brief:

BERTRAND – active

In order to give our support staff a little relief from all the incoming requests for a protein-rich powder for athletically active people, BERTRAND will soon introduce both a vegan and a classic active variety. The classic variety we will be based on a very easily metabolized whey protein powder, and the vegan variety will be based on our quality rice protein powder. The protein content will adhere to current nutritional recommendations and weigh approximately 125 g.

BERTRAND – light

For all those who take nourishment through protein powder but also want to combine this with weight loss, we are introducing a calorie-reduced version which will be available both in vegan and classic forms. It will contain just 1750 kcal, and will continue to offer all recommended nutrients.

A vegan BERTRAND bar is planned for the second half of the year. We will be supplying you with further information.

Delivery to the USA and Canada within 3 days

Does delivery to the USA or Canada take too long? As a result of some support requests to do with long delivery times using USPS or Canada Post, as of now, we are also going to offer express delivery with UPS. This type of delivery will allow delivery times of on average 3 days from ordering to be realized. Often deliveries will actually take place within 2 working days.
The prices for this amount to €25.00 for the starter package, €40.00 for the classic package and €60.00 for the 30-day package.
If you want to choose express delivery, this must currently be entered as a comment. We will then send a payment request via PayPal, which can also be settled by credit card. In a few days, this new form of delivery will also be available as a choice in the shop.

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