BBC – The Food Chain. Interview with BERTRAND.

The international radio broadcaster BBC is reporting on the complete nutrition powder trend in the edition from 01/21/2017. And in doing so, they consider the topic from several perspectives. For the broadcast, Tobias Stöber, founder of BERTRAND, was also invited to be interviewed. The broadcast was moderated by Emily Thomas, who also conducted the interview. We were also able to justify, among other things, why a mixture made from natural ingredients is preferable to the consumption of isolated, synthetically manufactured nutrients. The program can be heard in its full length as a podcast with a click of a button. BBC – The Food Chain. Interview with BERTRAND.

This powder replaces all your food!

Kilian from iKnowReview took a closer look at our product in his YouTube channel and took different perspectives. The result is a balanced and worthwhile report. By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube   Note: Our active version is finer ground and contains no almond slivers. So no thermomix would be necessary here 😉 × Dismiss alert

2016 Gastrosophicum – The Internet of Food 4.0

BETRAND was part of this year’s Gastrosophicum in EFERDING, Upper Austria and there was served the special menu in combination (as per request) with bread and butter to set the scene: “possibly opti-meal-ized data carriers” The change in diet comes either way. Only which and with which philosophy? The International Gastrosophy Forum has resolved for the 2016 Gastrophicum to explore the change in diet 4.0. Because everything that is currently developing under the trending terms Internet 4.0 and smart apps could make a future Internet of food with its bits and bites tasty to us. Within the 2016 Gastrosophicum, Bertrand was tied up in the podium discussion “Bits and bites. …

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Review of TinMan Bushcraft

TinMan Bushcraft took a close look at BERTRAND in its outdoor channel on Youtube. The result is a balanced review. By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube

Organic foods contain more antioxidants

Organic foods produced in an environmentally friendly way is nothing new. But organic foods containing more antioxidants than conventional foods has been a controversial topic for years. An international team of scientists has now produced convincing evidence that organic foods are much richer in antioxidants than traditional foods. Organic foods also contain considerably fewer toxins. A current study has verified that organic and conventionally grown cultivated plants are different in terms of their nutritional composition and that organic foods contain up to 69 percent more antioxidants when compared to foods from traditional agriculture. This is verified by the results of an international study published in the British Journal of Nutrition …

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Self optimization – is that still healthy?

Miracle Morning, yoga and meditation, productivity curves, super food, perfectly timed sleeping times, the ideal diet. All common terms that mean one thing, especially in today’s world: to optimize yourself and get the most out of yourself. A trend of our time? A real compulsion? Is it really necessary in every area, whether physical or personal, to want to achieve the absolute best in efficiency? What is the self-optimization mania?It sometimes seems threatening what the colleague manages to achieve. Getting up at 5 a.m., a round of jogging before breakfast, motivating to work and staying productive the whole day while you sit next to it and ask yourself: how do …

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RAQ: Does BERTRAND contain Tropanalkaloids?

Tropanalkaloids (TA) occur in certain plants by nature, such as henbane, datura, and belladonna. Several of these alkaloids are used as pharmaceutical substances, for example atropine. They are known for being capable of influencing the heart rate and the central nervous system, even at a low dose. Dizziness, headaches, and nausea are common symptoms. Because of the contamination of cereal crops with henbane seeds or datura, tropanalkaloids can be found in cereal based foods. High tropanalkaloid content in cereal products can lead to lead to health impairments in people with heart problems. The Federal Office for Risk Assessment (BfR) came to this conclusion in its official statement no. 035/2014 of …

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