Issue tracker

On this page you can see the status of the processing of the known bugs. Feel free to report further bugs via chat or email.

Internal urgency level for implementation:


We would like to publish better translations of the main pages for the English and French languages. These are currently done by native speakers

Progress 80%

Detailed product description on separate pages for the products in the store

Progress 70%

The shipping notification should be sent in the language in which the order was placed. Currently, they are sent in English.

Progress 12%

The form to subscribe to the newsletter should be placed more prominently on the home page.

Progress 0%

A two-factor authentication option is to be implemented to secure the customer account.

Progress 0%

We would like to have a detailed description of the possibilities of preparing our shakes.

Progress 50%

The shipment tracking data should be displayed in the customer center

Progress 22%

We would like to create a possibility for customers to close their accounts themselves and delete the stored data.

Progress 81%

The scale that represents the current price structure in the store jumps when clicked quickly. It also displays incorrectly when different variants are displayed.

Progress 24%

We would like to install a new affiliate system that allows customers to generate their own referral codes and pay out referral credits.

Progress 33%

The bars for the nutritional values sometimes do not have the correct length. This concerns the first column of the nutritional values. We will adjust this in a timely manner.

Progress 10%

We would like to determine the need for goodies such as pens, measuring cups or brochures based on the order history and, if necessary, refrain from sending them if they are probably not desired by the customer.

Progress 1%


We would like to better represent that new customers receive a free shaker with their first order of the bags.

Progress 9%

We need to structure our blog better. So a better clarity, sorting, search function and categorization.

Progress 93%

The “similar blog articles” section below the blog posts sometimes contains inappropriate entries. Here the category needs to be adjusted.

Progress 100%

We would like to sell our old variants via a separate store page. Currently these can be ordered via email or chat.

Progress 100%

The Youtube videos of the recipes are currently only included in German. These are also to be displayed in English and French.

Progress 100%
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