Interview with Guido Hartmann at the Easter run 2019 in Paderborn

Interview with Guido Hartmann at the Easter run 2019 in Paderborn

Interview with Guido Hartmann

Guido Hartmann is a fireman and at the same time a friend of running. But not in practical functional clothing, but in full operational clothing. With this campaign, he collects donations for seriously ill children and wants to draw attention to the disease Duchenne muscular dystrophy (muscle paralysis). BERTRAND finds this very worthy of support: At this year’s Easter run in Paderborn, he kindly answered a few questions:

Question 1: What is the motivation behind these runs in operational clothing?

Sick children! Due to my job I unfortunately know many sick children. Years ago I met Mathias Schmidt and he runs to draw attention to the disease muscular dystrophy. And ever since I met him, I found it so supportive that I’ve been wanting to draw attention to this disease ever since, even in full outfits. I myself have been a member of the association Hilfe für das krebs- und schwerstkrankes Kind e. V. for many years, and of course my two ideas can be combined perfectly. In this way I can collect donations, but also raise awareness for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Why do we run in mission gear? Because it is a signal that we want to send. Especially with today’s temperatures, the run will be very difficult. It will be warm, we will certainly have to torture ourselves a little. But that is also a bit of the background: The children who get DMD always have a hard time in their short lives. In the beginning the disease runs without symptoms until the muscles start to regress. Then Duchenne muscular dystrophy is diagnosed. Most children are in wheelchairs before the age of ten because they have no strength left. At some point, the respiratory and cardiac muscles also begin to regress. Most children die before they are 20.

Question 2: Do you do the runs only for this organization or also for others?

With my runs it is so that the donations are shared: One for the organization Aktion Benni und Co., the German Duchenne Foundation, and one for Hilfe für das krebs- und schwerstkranke Kind e. V. . Both organizations have been in existence for about 25 years and they are doing an excellent job. In education, in research. They provide support for the children, but also for the parents of the children. I find this very worthy of support.

Question 3: Is healthy eating important to you personally?

Oh yes, this is already very important for my job and if it is possible somehow, I try to feed myself with organic quality or even Demeter. I pay attention to fair trade and good payment of the respective producers. And that is worth it for me to pay a little bit more. But with a family, it’s still not always easy.

Question 4: Have you already tried BERTRAND?

Yes, I have already tasted it and it tastes great. Due to my nut allergy and the changeover I still have to try out a little bit which variety I can tolerate best, but baked apple-cinnamon was very good for me.

Question 5: Your favorite variety?

Blueberry tastes very good to me, but I also find baked apple-cinnamon very tasty and I also tolerate it well, but at the core I cannot yet name my favorite variety.

Question 6: What do you appreciate about BERTRAND except its composition and taste?

I appreciate the philosophy behind it. That everything is organic, but also the family structure within the company. I am very happy to support that.

Question 7: What is your goal for the Easter run?

Hang in there in this weather and try to get some liquid back in because it is very warm. Just hang in, the goal is 1 hour and ten minutes (Note: Guido Hartmann ran 01:17:50 )

Question 8: What would you give to other firemen who are just starting to walk?

training. Simply training, that is a matter of getting used to. There are countries where it is hot every day. For example the forest fires in Greece. Or in Spain. People always have a hard time there. And the fire department colleagues still do an excellent job there. Here in Germany we are very lucky with the temperatures, although last summer demanded a lot from us and you can only counteract this with fitness. For a healthy cardiovascular system. Training and continuing to train, I can only recommend that.

Question 9: What is the next event you run at?

The next event is the fire department run in Höxter. Many colleagues will also run in their firefighting outfits or fantasy uniforms. This is one of the most important events on my running calendar. The run is organized by Matthias Schmidt and it is purely for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Last year it was very warm there and I hope that we will have more luck this year.

Question 10: Last question: If you chose where you would like to run, where would that be?

I would love to run in Iceland!

BERTRAND thanks Guido Hartmann for the nice conversation and wishes him continued success in his runs. In the links below you can find more information about the mentioned organizations and about the fire department run in Höxter.

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