9. June 2016 Tobias Stöber

Harz Witches’ Trail – Mount Brocken

Last week we took off for three days and hiked along the Harz Witches’ Trail on the Brocken in the Harz mountain range in Germany. The tour starts in Osterrode, runs over the Brocken, through the Bode Gorge and finally ends after 97 km in Thale. The occasion was perfect for testing out our new active version as well as the BERTRAND bottles.

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Harz Witches’ Trail verdict:

An easily walkable trail with a few steep phases and a wonderful end through the Bode Gorge, where dozens of fire salamander are waiting on the side of the track. Unfortunately, there were somewhat too many farm roads and too few genuine tracks for our taste.

BERTRAND active verdict:

Very filling and sustaining. A real kick, especially for the phases in which the stomach and the morale are empty. Has the advantage of not needing any breaks from walking, which are so hard to carry on from!

Are you planning a hike too? As of now, we’re enclosing a voucher worth €6.00 with all orders, which can be used to buy one of our packs. With this, the sample menu would be free!

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