Grasping attachments with BERTRAND

Grasping attachments with BERTRAND

The year has already left the first months behind and the question of good intentions seems superfluous. The sports shoes are already gathering dust again, the frozen pizza for the evening is in the freezer and although one wanted to avoid stress, one is already working overtime again.

But even now it is not too late to change that and to arrange your life the way you want it to be.  According to statistics, healthy nutrition, more sports, and more time for yourself and friends are the most common resolutions in 2019 as well. Experience shows that you need a good plan, but flexibility also helps you to realize your resolutions and overcome your inner bastard.

BERTRAND supports every aspect of this: the uncomplicated preparation alone saves time that can be used for yourself or for family and friends. At the same time, you eat a conscious and above all balanced diet. Thanks to the active version with double the amount of protein, it is also suitable for meals after a visit to the gym or after a long jogging session, as it provides the body with the nutrients it needs, as well as healthy minerals and vitamins.

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