Fruit balls with BERTRAND

3. April 2020
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3. April 2020 Christel Badtke

Fruit balls with BERTRAND

Cooking with BERTRAND – it’s absolutely possible. And it also tastes totally fantastic. Whether a tasty smoothie bowl, healthy fruit bars or delicious pancakes. With BERTRAND (almost) everything is possible. And to prove it to you, we will now start having some delicious recipes on our Youtube channel for you from time to time. Delicious meals that sound elaborate but are very simple and to which BERTRAND adds a wonderful flavor!

You still have leftovers of our fruit bars and don’t know what to do with them? Then we have the solution here: Delicious fruit balls with BERTRAND. With a tasty coating of grated coconut, these little snacks will certainly be polished off quickly. And who doesn’t dream of a healthy snack that satisfies the sweet tooth? Now we may have found it: Our fruit balls are pleasantly sweet and very juicy. The coconut flakes also give this healthy snack a slightly exotic touch. Try it out!

  • Portions: 1
  • Time: 5 min
  • Difficulty: easy

Ingredients for the fruit balls

This recipe is so light that it only takes two steps: Take the date mass from our fruit bar recipe and roll balls of any size out of the dough. This is particularly easy if you lightly moisten your hands a little.

Then roll the balls in the coconut flakes and the fruit balls are ready!

Did you know that?

Energy balls and fruit balls are now all the rage and rightly so. They are quickly prepared, delicious and the ideal source of energy. In addition, there are no limits to your imagination. Roll the little balls in ground nuts or add a few cocoa nibs. In an airtight jar in the refrigerator, the little balls keep for about a week.

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You might also like to visit our Youtube-Channel. There you’ll find more great recipe ideas with BERTRAND.

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