From coast to coast

From coast to coast

Travelling from coast to coast by scooter in the USA? Sounds like a strenuous undertaking. Different climate conditions, thousands of kilometers. But the friends Dejan Kovacevic and Patrick Oswald want to face this adventure and collect money for children with cancer.

What does this have to do with us? Well, Patrick takes our products with him on the trip, which both of them only take with one backpack each and of course their scooter. On 27.2 they started in Frankfurt with a direct flight to Miami, on 25.3 they want to be in Los Angeles already. That is 27 days for about 5,000 kilometers. At the moment they are already braving the desert, tornadoes and various climatic conditions. Which of course leads to a few questions, which Patrick kindly answered:

1. how did you prepare for this trip? The conditions on this trip could not be more different.

Patrick: Our preparation time on the scooter was very short because we only got it in January. Our main endurance training sessions are running.
It’s a bit of a kamikaze in any case.

2 Why this idea of travelling from coast to coast?

Patrick: It is spectacular. We imagined other scenarios, for example Europe from north to south. But it’s not so cool and difficult because of the climate. That’s why it has become coast to coast.

3 Why did you decide to go to Bertrand?

Patrick: Bertrand is easy to mix with water. So you can simply add a meal without much effort.

If you want to follow them on their journey, check out their Facebook page or their Instagram profile. There you can also donate for the Frankfurt association of children suffering from cancer. We wish them continued success!


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