Featured: Sea Buckthorn in BERTRAND

25. November 2015
25. November 2015 Tobias Stöber

Featured: Sea Buckthorn in BERTRAND

Sea Buckthorn, or “Gold of the North Sea” as it is also known, is a real powerhouse. The deciduous shrub with its small orange berries is a wild fruit tree especially suited to growing in the sandy soils of North Germany. Its worth lies less in its appearance than in the contents of its fruit. Packed full of health giving vitamins!

In both our vegan and classical versions, BERTRAND is formulated to contain the goodness of a handful of sea buckthorn berries in every serve. Each berry contains a literal A to Z of vitamins (from vitamin A to Zinc) as well important oils and flavonoids.
In particular, sea buckthorn berries contain very high concentrations of vitamin C, up to seven times as much as in lemons. As well as this, sea buckthorn berries contain important carotenoids, such as β- and γ- carotene and also lycopene in concentrations even higher than in carrots. These vitamins help to prevent the breakdown of cells and help to protect against damaging UV light.

Sourcing and processing of our product

We source our sea buckthorn powder from a family business which has been organically producing sea buckthorn products for over 20 years. The berries are grown and ripened free from pollution and chemical fertilizers in the fields of Werder (Havel), one of Germany’s sunniest regions. The nutritious sea buckthorn berries are gently harvested and dried using a vacuum drying process where the berries are dried under low heat (around 31°C) in a vacuum tube. This process ensures that valuable and sensitive ingredients such as vitamins and minerals are preserved in the dried product.

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