Featured: Organic Almonds

8. October 2015
8. October 2015 Tobias Stöber

Featured: Organic Almonds

Almonds are much more than a snack or a topping for Christmas cookies. Apart from their high-profile spectrum of vitamins and minerals, the regular consumption of almonds has an extremely positive effect on our health. You can read in this article how the almonds get into BERTRAND.

Almonds belong to the stone fruit family and are – as is often assumed in error – not nuts. The almond variety used in BERTRAND contains approximately 19 percent of high-quality protein, thereby contributing to meet the protein requirements. The almond also provides many unsaturated fatty acids, minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and copper as well as considerable amounts of vitamins B and E. The magnesium contributes to the body’s protein production and thus also to the formation of muscle. Because calcium is also contained in the correct proportions, both minerals can be perfectly absorbed and utilized by the body.

How does it get into our product?

Our almond comes from certified organic agriculture and has been grown in Spain and in Italy. After harvesting, the hard shell is cracked and the delicate almond skin removed by blanching. The almond is then cold-ground or chopped into 2-3 mm pieces. We use an almond mixture of 2/3 fine almond flour and 1/3 finely chopped almonds in BERTRAND. With this mixture we achieve the crunchy mouth sensation, which is appreciated by many customers. Both the flour and the granules are not de-oiled but full fat.

Current note: Almonds in this quality (organic and full fat) are more expensive than ever, and very difficult to get at this time, due to crop failures in California. To avoid delivery problems and thus a production stop, we have to accept any price at the moment. We will, however, keep the current price of BERTRAND firm until at least April 2019.

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