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First of all, there is no right and no wrong.
If you wan’t to fulfill the daily nutrition recommendations for an average adult, you have to consume one bag of BERTRAND.
If you want to consume three meals a day, you have to:

  • Fill your shaker with 168g of BERTRAND. Marker 275ml.
  • Fill up with cold water. Marker 750ml.
  • Shake until BERTRAND dissolves completely
  • Wait for one minute
  • Shake again

Voilà! ‘BERTRAND is ready to be enjoyed.

Version 2.6: gluten free whole grain oats*, canola oil powder* (carrier:maltodextrine*), powdered milk*, ground almonds*, ground flaxseed*, agave powder*, ground sunflower seed*, ground walnut*, locust bean gum*, sea buckthorn powder*, rock salt, coconut powder*, nutritional yeast*, algae powder (porphyra)*, mushroom powder* (shiitake), algae powder* (chlorella), guava extract*, lemon peel extract*, basil leaf extract*

Version 1.2: gluten free whole grain oats*, canola oil powder* (carrier:maltodextrine*), almond*, ground flaxseed*, agave powder*, rice protein*, ground sunflower seed*, ground walnut*, sea buckthorn powder*, locust bean gum*, coconut powder*, algae powder* (porphyra), rock salt, natural flavor, nutritional yeast*, algae powder (lithothamnium calcareum), mushroom powder* (agaricus bisporus), algae powder* (chlorella), guava extract*, lemon peel extract*, basil leaf extract*

Version 1.1: gluten free whole grain oats*, canola oil powder* (carrier:maltodextrine*), milk protein powder*, powdered milk*, ground almond*, ground flaxseed*, agave powder*, ground sunflower seed*, ground walnut*, locust bean gum*, sea buckthorn powder*, rock salt, coconut powder*, nutritional yeast*, algae powder (porphyra)*, mushroom powder* (agaricus bisporus)

*from controlled organic agriculture

Natural vanilla, bilberry or apple flavors are added optionally

Prepared BERTRAND must be kept refrigerated (40 degrees Fahrenheit or below) and consumed within 6 hours.
When stored in a cool, dry place BERTRAND pouches have a shelf life of at least 6 month. The refridgerator is a good place for BERTRAND pouches in general.
Yes, we have a vegan version. You can find this option and the considered composition of ingredients in the detail view of the particular package. For our normal BERTRAND we use organic milk powder from German agriculture.
BERTRAND is gluten-free. For an independent analysis of our product, we authorized the Intertek Institute in Bremen, which has many years’ experience as an international company in the field of food analysis. Intertek will be making inspection analyses at regular intervals, the results of which we will provide to you in our FAQ.

We have decided against advertising with the trademarked AOECS Seal, and against applying for AOECS certification. The costs of certification with world-wide distribution would have resulted in our having to raise our prices. That seems imprudent to us at this time, and we hope to win our customers’ trust through the regular release of the independent analysis results.

This analysis is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.
als PDF Dokument INTERTEK Analysis Gluten from 11/04/2015

als PDF Dokument INTERTEK Analysis Gluten from 01/21/2015

We use real and healthy foods with no artificial additives or synthetic vitamins.
There are probably two possible opinions one could have about the product safety of the various full-nutrition shake approaches. On the one hand you could be of the opinion that human nutrition has been sufficiently researched. In this case it is possible to select the RDI nutrition recommendations as the sole list of ingredients for your daily food intake. However in our opinion this is not the case. We are assuming that other micro-nutrients will be discovered in future as well. And what will be the situation in five years if perhaps three new essential vitamins are discovered? We think that the chance that these are already contained in a product made of many different natural ingredients, that people have been using as food for centuries, is far higher than in a synthetic product with only the isolated vitamins from the 2015 food recommendation.
A few of the vitamins and mineral nutrients in BERTRAND exceed the recommended guidelines, sometimes considerably. It is obvious that cereal plants like oats do not care about what the recommended guidelines are, for example for Manganese. The exceedance of the recommended guidelines is also not hazardous to your health, because we do not exceed the daily maximum value or TUL (tolerable upper limit) with any of the nutrients.
The glycemic index of BERTRAND has not been tested clinically. A simple calculation of the GI on the basis of the ingredients makes little sense but is requested more often in the support, so here the answer: 42
The organic certification obligates us to act by the rules of the EU-Eco-regulation.
For our product it means that we have to use ingredients from controlled ecologic agriculture. Furthermore, we don’t use synthetic vitamins or minerals, what makes the composition of BERTRAND difficult and more expensive than other products. BERTRAND consists of healthy ingredients like grains, nuts, fruit powder as well as canola- and algae oil.

By the certification it is also secured that no genetically modified organisms are used in our product.

If you need further informations about the certification, take a look on this site:

You can find it here: Organic Certification PDF

The validation of the certification is secured through controls by accredited certification bodys. You can validate our certification online. Just open this website and type in our company name ‘BERTRAND Food’

Yes, our shaker is free from BPA.
It is made of Tritan. You can find further informations about Tritan on this site:
You can pay via paypal, credit card or payment in advance.
We offer free shipping for orders within the EU. Shipping to USA and Canada costs € 10. For orders outside of the EU there are shipping fees depending on weight and country. The most expensive fee is € 25. The shipping fees will be shown during the order process or just look here:
We use DHL or UPS for sending our BERTRAND products to you.

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