Eat Christmas trees

Eat Christmas trees

How to put the Christmas tree in your shake instead of in the bin

If you’ve opted for a sustainable Christmas tree without pesticides, it’s actually a real pity to simply dispose of after the holidays. Instead, you can eat part of the spruce needles and process them into a flavor for delicious shakes.

spruce needle powder

The spicy winter aroma of spruce needles harmonises wonderfully with our BERTRAND shakes and especially with our apple-cinnamon flavor pack. To make spruce needle powder, you can simply finely grind dry needles with the hand mortar or an electric blender. You can also try grinding the pre-crushed needles with a pepper mill. Used in moderation, you get a really interesting blend and the taste of the forest on the tongue.

Roasted pine needles

Spruce needles develop a special aroma when you roast them briefly in the oven or in a pan. Set the oven to about 180°C and roast the needles in a flameproof vessel for about 15 minutes. In the pan, you can quickly roast your spruce needles for a few minutes with frequent turning.

Only the needles of the spruce or fir are edible of course, not the wood. Please note that you should only eat organic spruce needles that are non-toxic and pesticide-free. The yew is poisonous and must not be eaten.

Pregnant women should refrain from eating spruce needles.

The BZfE recommends the "Maiwipfel" of the spruce and says that it tastes slightly sour and contains plenty of vitamin C, tannins and essential oils.
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