Easy chocolate cake with BERTRAND

Easy chocolate cake with BERTRAND

Easy chocolate cake with BERTRAND

Feel like having a delicious but also super easy to make chocolate cake? Today you can bake this classic dessert yourself with a very quick recipe we have here for you. The baking cocoa gives the cake the chocolate flavor, while the hazelnuts add that something special to the taste. The butter, plant milk and eggs make the cake amazingly succulent. Try it!

Portion: 6-10 Pieces
Time: 50-60 Minuten
Difficulty: easy

Easy chocolate cake with BERTRAND

  1. 50 gr BERTRAND
  2. 200 ml plant milk
  3. 60 gr ground hazelnuts
  4. 1/2 package baking powder
  5. 5 tablespoons baking cocoa
  6. 125 gr Agave
  7. pulp of a vanilla pod
  8. 125 gr butter
  9. 2 eggs

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Mix the dry ingredients with the vegetable milk in a bowl
For the vanilla pulp, cut the pod open lengthwise with a kitchen knife and scrape out the mixture.
Put the vanilla pulp in the bowl with the butter and eggs. Mix the mixture with a hand mixer or the kitchen machines to a smooth dough.
Put the dough into a form and bake at 175 degrees for 30-45 minutes. Then let it cool down, sprinkle with a few hazelnut pieces and enjoy!

Did you know?

The easy chocolate cake can also be modified very easily into a vegan recipe. To do so, use plant-based margarine instead of butter. The eggs can be easily replaced with two ripe bananas. Simply use a fork to turn the bananas into mush or mash them briefly and place them in the mixture instead of eggs. This way your cake will also have a lovely but not overbearing banana flavor. If the above solution isn't to your taste, you can also achieve a sturdy batter by mixing two spoonfuls of soy flour with two tablespoons of water for each egg and adding the result to the mixture.


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