29. October 2015 Tobias Stöber

Delay for the vegan version

Unfortunately, we cannot carry out a delivery for all orders of the vegan version of BERTRAND in October. We only start on 11.04.2015 with the shipment of the first batch and ship according to the principle of first ordered, first delivered.

The subsequent batch will be probably shipped on 11.13.2015.

We apologize that we cannot fully meet the timestamps set by us. However, we are still waiting for delivery of the alga Lithothamnium calcareum which supplies our vegan BERTRAND with calcium as well as a partial delivery of organic rice protein.

We will finish the vegan version of the nutritional table this week and publish it on our site.

Once your delivery goes into the shipping, you will receive a notification and a tracking link in your account. The shipping in Germany, the US and Canada is done by DHL and within Europe we ship via DHL and UPS for the most part.

Please contact us, if you have further questions, or if you want to change something on your order as a result of our delay.

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