Creamy BERTRAND ice cream milkshake

Creamy BERTRAND ice cream milkshake


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BERTRAND is sometimes more than just a shake that contains all the essential nutrients you need. With a dose of creativity it can also be used individually as an ingredient. Today, based on a customer idea, we have a recipe for a little ice cream sin. Sometimes it may be a little less healthy.

Creamy BERTRAND ice cream milkshake:

Ingredients required

  1. BERTRAND in your favorite flavor
  2. about 150 ml milk (or a vegetable alternative)
  3. 1-2 scoops of ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, fruit, nut, …)
    If required: Toppings like chocolate shavings, coconut flakes, nuts

Mix your BERTRAND first. Then put the two scoops of ice cream of your choice into a shaker and mix it thoroughly. Add any topping you like and you’re done.

Further information:
Ice cream is not the healthiest thing you can eat, that much is certain. But it is good for the soul to enjoy a nice ice cream every now and then. If you want to make your ice cream healthier, just take some frozen fruit, like bananas or berries. That way you will get a tasty Nice Cream.


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