COVID-19 Information

16. March 2020
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16. March 2020 Arjun Parab

COVID-19 Information

This post will be continuously updated.

Last Update: 08.04.2020 – 01:07 pm CET

  • There are delivery restrictions for several countries. Within the EU we can offer shipping, if you order outside the EU, please contact our support in advance. Thanks for your understanding.
  • From this week on we can continue working and produce new products. Except for the apple-cinnamon varieties, we will replenish all varieties and ship them as quickly as usual. (See notes below)
  • Our producer of natural flavours has just informed us that the natural apple flavour can only be delivered in the middle of April. We will then suspend the sale of all baked apple varieties after the sell-off until then.

After informing our existing customers about the effects of the COVID 19 crisis on our processes in the past few days, we are now providing the most important information here.

For several weeks, we have been experiencing a very strong increase in incoming orders through stock purchases. Both the number of orders and the size has increased exponentially. We are currently assuming that the situation will intensify, which is why we’re providing the following information to ensure that your goods are delivered on time.

  • Check out our list of varieties below this article. Here you can see which varieties we have readily available. If you order scarce varieties, leave us a comment with which other variety we can exchange if there are delivery bottlenecks.
  • If you need your order for a specific event or for a trip, order ideally about 2 weeks in advance. We will most likely have delivery bottlenecks due to raw materials not arriving on time.
  • Please leave us your phone number. This increases deliveries and thus relieves the strain on shipping. We can also potentially contact you to substitute varieties (if necessary)
  • If you are in quarantine, we are happy to leave a note on the parcel that the parcel must not be delivered to neighbours or packing stations. In this case, please let us know the wording of the note and where the shipping company can leave your parcel.


These varieties are currently out of stock or only available as individual items.
We will either arrange for a partial delivery or cancel the order.

Classic – Green Bottle – BILBERRY
Classic – Green Bottle – VANILLA
Vegan – Green Bottle – NATUR
Vegan – Green Bottle – VANILLA


These varieties are in stock but can only be produced in mid-April:
Update 23.03.2020 – Vegan BAKED APPLE
Update 23.03.2020 – Classic BAKED APPLE
Update 23.03.2020 – Active BAKED APPLE

Do you have any questions?

We’re here for you. Use the chat icon at the bottom right, write us an email or give us a call. We are happy to help.

In the medium term, we will have supply bottlenecks because we will not be supplied with individual raw materials on time.

This currently concerns gluten-free oats and almonds from Italy. Please plan your order a few weeks in advance so that you are supplied in time.

Update 16.03.2020 : We have an order confirmation for almonds. We now hope that the shipment will take place. Another shortage will concern walnut flour. Here we will run out in about three weeks.

Update 18.03.2020 : Our natural flavours are running short. They are already on their way to us. If they arrive delayed, we will run short with the flavours VANILLA, BILBERRY and BAKED-APPLE in the middle of next week.

Update 19.03.2020 : Production will be temporarily stopped as of 20.03.2020 because our stock of almonds has run out. We continue to ship the remaining stocks.

Update 23.03.2020 : The natural apple aroma has a delivery delay until mid-April. We therefore suspend sales after the sale of the existing goods.

Update 30.03.2020 : We can now continue production and refill all varieties (except apple-cinnamon). We now ship again as fast as usual.

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