The value of good nutrition for companies .

Whether as an integral part of corporate health management
or as part of employee motivation.
BERTRAND is doing well. Why?

Realizes real breaks

If BERTRAND is offered in the company, this increases the chance that employees use the break for regeneration, as stressful routes to the canteen and waiting times are eliminated.

Helps the body

The composition of BERTRAND is chosen in such a way that the nutrient requirement is met in a very targeted manner. The performance low after the meal is omitted!

Increases employee loyalty

The range of really sensible and performance-enhancing foods such as water, fruit and BERTRAND is of course viewed positively by employees.

Corporate Health Management.

The reason why BERTRAND is appreciated
and used by employees in a wide variety of companies
is the composition of our recipes.

The effects of inadequate nutrition on one’s own work performance are basically well known. They can occur in phases throughout the working day. Starting with morning tiredness and lack of concentration due to a missed or wrong breakfast. Continue to the deep-drawing midday hole after a substantial meal in the canteen or in the snack bar and end in the “No More Pleasure” mood the last two hours before the end of the working day.

BERTRAND can help here. It is essential to be aware that our mind or consciousness, however you want to call it, is not a God-given self-runner,

but comes from an organ that, like our muscles or other organs, needs the right food to function. Our computing center, the brain.

It is clear that if our body is not supplied with nutrients, or due to a limited selection of localities mainly short-chain carbohydrates and saturated fatty acids are supplied, then our brain, as desired, can not perform the desired performance.

Therefore, whether as an individual measure within the occupational health management of your company or as an incentive for individual departments. BERTRAND works.

Here are some prominent companies that already belong to our customers.

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