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Creamy BERTRAND ice cream milkshake

BERTRAND is sometimes more than just a shake that contains all the essential nutrients you need. With a dose of creativity it can also be used individually as an ingredient. Today, based on a customer idea, we have a recipe for a little ice cream sin. Sometimes it may be a little less healthy.

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Organic guava extract

Organic guava extract The fruit of the guava (Psidium guajava L.) is a popular fruit in its countries of origin and cultivation and is mostly eaten raw. The fruits are peeled and then eaten out of hand. In Asia, people like them sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Because of its delicious, sweet and sour and very aromatic scent, the guava is also used to prepare jams, sweets, chutneys and desserts. Many multivitamin juices contain the juice of the fruit. The guava is full of valuable ingredients, which is why it is often referred to as “superfood”. The guava also plays a role in traditional medicine in many cultures. At BERTRAND, we


Rock Salt

Rock Salt The formation of rock salt often dates back millions of years. Remains of long-gone and dried-up seas and salt lakes are stored underground at a depth of several hundred meters, where they form rock salt reservoirs, also called salt domes. They were formed by the separation of estuaries from the oceans, by changes in sea level, and by tectonic shifts. Salt has always had great importance for people because it is essential for life. In mythology, therefore, it was even considered as a divine gift. Sharing bread and salt is a sign of friendship. But salt plays a role not only as an essential food ingredient: it has


Organic nutritional yeast

Organic nutritional yeast Yeast is a single-celled microscopic fungus that is undetectable to the naked eye. It is well known in the form of baker’s yeast, which is used in baking to make breads and cakes light and fluffy. In beer- and winemaking, yeast aids in fermentation. But apart from all that, this tiny living organism is a real superfood, containing an abundance of interesting and important vital substances. The yeast used in BERTRAND drinkable meals is so-called nutritional yeast. The term refers to yeast that has been deactivated by a special process. Although this form of yeast no longer “works”, that is, it can no longer be used as


Super delicious chocolate muffins with BERTRAND

Super delicious chocolate muffins with BERTRAND Fancy something sweet with your coffee? Looking for a delicious dessert? Visitor announces itself and it should be served something simple, but stunning? As you can see, chocolate muffins can be used in any situation. Recipes for them are a dime a dozen, but the result is not always impressive. With the recipe from BERTRAND, that can’t happen to you. Our muffins are super fast and super easy to prepare and still taste super delicious! Even if you have little time or baking is otherwise not your strongest talent: Here nothing can go wrong. Now of course you would like to finally know what

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