Biofach 2020 in Nuremberg

Biofach 2020 in Nuremberg

The world’s leading trade fair for organic products, the BIOFACH 2020, was held in Nürnberg from February 17-20. BERTRAND had the great honour of being there this year. BIOFACH has now taken place for the 31st time and looks back on a successful trade fair history:.








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Exhibition • BIOFACH 2020• Nuremberg

For BIOFACH, Tobias and Patrick travelled from our location in Ostwestfalen-Lippe down to Bavaria in beautiful Nuremberg. BERTRAND had its stand at the young, innovative companies. So you could immediately make contacts, exchange ideas and discover cool, new innovations yourself.

What BERTRAND particularly liked about the trade fair:
Apart from the very cool location of our stand, it was also a great place to network. So we were able to make first contacts with wholesalers, but also talked a lot with other interested people. It was especially cool that many customers visited us who already know BERTRAND and wanted to say hello to us. It is always nice to see familiar faces. In general, the fair had a unique flair and we would be happy to be guests at BIOFACH 2021 again. Until then we will definitely visit the Bio Nord in Hannover in September.

Some images by: NuernbergMesse / Thomas Geiger


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