Bilberries are back once again.

4. October 2015
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4. October 2015 Tobias Stöber

Bilberries are back once again.

After what seemed like an endless few weeks, we can proudly announce today that BERTRAND is available once more in the bilberry flavor.

Over the last couple of weeks we have contacted numerous suppliers of natural aromas, but unfortunately it was much more difficult to realize the project than we initially thought. As an organic brand, according to the EU-Eco-regulation we are only allowed to use natural aromas. The term natural aroma denotes a flavor that is extracted from natural products rather than synthetic imitation. Our bilberry flavor is thus extracted from natural bilberries.
Another distinctive requirement is the fact that natural aromas in organic products may not be produced using genetically modified organisms (GMOs), nor may they contain any genetically modified organisms.

These requirements really cut down the number of possible suppliers, so that we are very proud to be once more able to present our most sought-after flavor. And it tastes amazing: starting with a natural, nutty grain flavor, gently accompanied by the bilberry flavor following at the end.


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