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The label “freak” on the foreheads of those who eat a vegan diet is gradually fading. Slowly the word has spread around that a diet free of animal products has some advantages and, above all, has nothing to do with self-mortification.

Our BERTRAND vegan drinking meals have what you are looking for. Now you don’t have to pay meticulous attention to the nutrient composition of your diet, because a daily ration of BERTRAND vegan contains everything you need according to the European reference values NRV*.

And “by the way” you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also something for animal welfare and the environment.

As a vegan, you just have to leave the critters alone!

Hagen Rether, Kabarettist

FAQ about the vegan variant

All three versions of our BERTRAND drinkable meal contain all the essential nutrients needed, according to the NRV (nutrient reference values), for a healthy long-term diet. Essential in this context means: your body cannot produce those nutrients but needs them for many important processes inside the organism. For BERTRAND vegan, those nutrients are extracted exclusively from organically produced plant-based foodstuffs. This is particularly important with the protein sources. For those, we primarily use almonds, walnuts, gluten-free wholegrain oats, and rice. However, for the BERTRAND classic and BERTRAND active versions, we obtain part of the protein from organic milk and organic whey. BERTRAND vegan is 100% animal product-free but still similarly rich and nutritious as BERTRAND classic and active.

Our BERTRAND vegan is suitable for practically anybody. After all, there are many reasons to cut down on animal products or do completely without them.

Increasingly, a vegan mindset is becoming the primary motivation for giving up food derived from animals. Excessive factory farming, unbridled overexploitation of nature, mounting environmental damage, urgent questions about how to feed the world—all of these are ethical arguments for a vegan lifestyle. Often, this also means strictly forgoing any animal products in all aspects of life.

One of the most important arguments for a vegan diet is personal health. Those who follow a vegan diet and while doing so ensure a sufficient intake of all necessary nutrients, including the “critical” ones, are likely more energetic and protected from so-called diseases of civilization. A vegan’s lifestyle tends to be more healthy in general. If you suffer from lactose intolerance or sensitivity, cutting out dairy products is crucial, and BERTRAND vegan is an essential alternative.

Of course, BERTRAND vegan is also a great option for a “flexitarian” diet, where you decide to cut out animal products occasionally, in other words, have vegetarian or vegan days.

There are, however, groups of people for whom a vegan diet is less suitable: the DGE (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung, German Nutrition Society) does not recommend a fully vegan diet for people who are pregnant or nursing, infants, children, and teenagers.

It has a mild and subtle taste. Similar to granola, it tastes of oats and nuts, linseed or whatever grain or plant milk you choose to add, always mild and balanced—just like your freshly prepared breakfast granola. That’s what BERTRAND vegan tastes like. Our FlavorPacks add natural and subtle aromas. This is thanks to the fact that they aren’t artificially created but of natural origin.

All flavors of BERTRAND vegan contain bits of almond for some nice crunchiness and a pleasant almond flavor in your mouth.

The gentle Natur flavor is particularly suitable for adding your personal finishing touch by mixing it with fruit juice instead of plant milk. Or you can add cut or pureed fruit, spices, or herbs to the ready-made mixes. The only limit is your imagination.

Vegan NATURAL – INGREDIENTS: gluten-free whole grain oats*, canola oil powder* (canola oil* and maltodextrin*), ground and chopped almonds* (7 %), flax seed flour*, agave powder*, ground sunflower seeds*, pea protein* (3 %), walnut flour* (2 %), natural thickener: guar gum*, sea buckthorn berries* (1 %), rice protein*, coconut flour*, algae powder* (porphyra*), rock salt, nutritional yeast*, algae powder (Lithothamnium Calcareum), algae powder* (Chlorella*), acerola powder*, mushroom powder* (shiitake*), guava extract*, lemon peel extract*, basil leaf extract* 

– *from certified organic agriculture

Allergic reactions can be triggered by various substances, including on ingesting certain types of food. If that happens, it’s because usually harmless ingredients cause the immune system to respond in a pathological, disproportionate manner. This may cause severe symptoms and may even be life-threatening.

The fourteen most common triggers of allergic reactions and intolerances require appropriate labeling. Such ingredients are printed in bold in our list (see above) as well as on each package.

We at BERTRAND have decided to produce only gluten-free products. This means that even the organic wholegrain oats used as an important source of protein in our drinkable meals are gluten-free oats. We source them exclusively from suppliers licensed by the DZG (Deutsche Zöliakiegesellschaft, German Celiac Society). DZG licensees must conform to all applicable manufacturing standards and controls designed to ensure that their products are gluten-free. This includes risk management systems for monitoring their operational processes.

BERTRAND has implemented its own risk management system designed to identify manufacturing steps involving any kind of risk from incoming goods on to production all the way to consignment.

Iron is one of the mineral nutrients considered “critical” in a vegan diet. It is crucial for transporting oxygen into the blood and the muscles, serves in blood formation, and regulates a multitude of metabolic processes. A deficiency may cause fatigue and exhaustion as well as disruptions to thermoregulation and the immune system. A chronic iron deficiency will lead to anemia.

Meat, meat products, and innards are considered rich and very bio-available sources of iron. But, as a vegan, you cannot use those sources. So it is a good thing then that cereals like the oats we use along with almonds and linseed provide considerable amounts of iron. Vitamin C and protein improve the body’s ability to absorb plant-derived iron. We ensure that both are present by including high-quality protein sources and lots of vitamin C, such as from sea buckthorn. In BERTRAND vegan, the contents of both—vitamin C and plant-based iron—are above the recommended minimum to make sure that your body receives enough iron. By the way, dairy products are thought to inhibit iron absorption—and, of course, you won’t find any of those in BERTRAND vegan.

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) requires special attention in a vegan diet because it’s practically non-existent in plant-based foods. B12 is formed by bacteria in the gastrointestinal tracts of animals, primarily ruminants. Animal products such as meat, fish, cheese, and eggs are considered suitable sources. Absorption into the body is handled by the bowels, which use the “intrinsic factor”, a specialized carrier protein, for that purpose. Vitamin B12’s primary roles are in blood formation and the breaking down of fatty acids. As the body can store the vitamin, symptoms of a deficiency often only manifest after several years. However, those may then be quite severe and affect the blood formation or nervous systems as well as the intestinal or oropharyngeal mucous membranes.

Recent studies indicate that certain micro-organisms, especially bacteria, fungi, and algae, are able to synthesize vitamin B12 with good bio-availability for the human body. As early as 2014, a group of Japanese scientists pointed out the possibility that the vitamin B12 in certain algae might well be sufficiently bio-available to make it suitable for a vegan diet.

BERTRAND vegan contains chlorella freshwater algae from France, porphyra marine red algae (nori) from Spain, and yeast fungus from deactivated nutritional yeast as natural cobalamin sources. That way, our vegan drinkable meal’s B12 content is also above the minimum required amount.

On this issue, there is still a lot of debate, and more research is needed. That’s why, among others, the DGE and the Vegan Society (Vegane Gesellschaft Deutschland e.V.) still recommend adding supplements to a strictly vegan diet. We at BERTRAND agree with the recommendations of these expert associations.

BERTRAND vegan is absolutely gluten-free, just like BERTRAND classic and BERTRAND active. To obtain quality protein, B vitamins, and other valuable nutrients, we rely on gluten-free wholegrain oats. Oat is not related to wheat and other cereals containing gluten, and as such naturally gluten-free. However, people suffering from celiac disease, an auto-immune disorder, should not consume conventional oats without further considerations. Because during cultivation, harvesting, and processing, the oats often come in contact with small quantities of the gluten protein.

For oats to be labeled as truly “gluten-free”, strict regulations must be followed. These regulations apply to its planting, harvesting, and processing. For example, no cereal containing gluten may have been cultivated on the field for twenty years, the harvesters must not be used for cereals containing gluten, and no cereals containing gluten must be grown in the vicinity. This is to prevent the oats from being contaminated by wheat, barley, or rye.

We at BERTRAND follow the AOECS standard, a European standard for gluten-free foodstuffs. (AOECS = Association of European Coeliac Societies.) This doesn’t just mean that we use only gluten-free organic wholegrain oat. We also guarantee there will be no contamination through other foodstuffs used in our drinkable meals. This is ensured through a management system and sanitary practices involving precise documentation of the manufacturing processes employed for our meal powders. An HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) system leads to the detection, evaluation, and control of risks concerning food safety.

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Nutritional values.

Here you can find the average nutritional values of the vegan version per 100g.