6. April 2015 Tobias Stöber

BERTRAND is completed!

After a three month lasting recipe- and nutrient calculation and several gustation tests, BERTRAND is completed. According to our investigations BERTRAND will be the worlds first organic-certified full nutrition powder, which fulfills really all nutrition recommendations.

BERTRAND in der Version 0.2.0

BERTRAND in version 0.2.0

The way wasn’t easy! Especially the composition of the fatty acids and serveral vitamins like the vitamin B12, was challenging, because we wan’t to entirely resign of using synthetic vitamins and use ingredients from controlled organic agriculture instead. For example: We couldn’t use fish oil to gain the omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenacid or short DHA, like other competitors, because BERTRAND wants to be vegetarian food and we doesn’t want to do it without DHA because we want to suffice the recommendations. BERTRAND now contains 200mg DHA from vegan source in good bioavailability and in powdered form.

And last but not least, because taste matters, BERTRAND was optimized in many many tastings and we have to disband our dearest algaes to meet new nutrient mediums. Goodbye green algae powder, Goodbye fishy taste! Welcome BERTRAND!

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