BERTRAND in comparison with Soylent

In addition to BERTRAND, other powdered foods have been created that contain all the essential nutrients that an average adult needs per day. One of these products is Soylent by Rob Rhinehart

When selecting powdered foods, there are categories, such as nutrients contained in the food, which you as a consumer can directly compare. But there are also philosophies about which ingredients a food should and should not consist of. Which composition you choose depends on the goals you want to achieve with powdered food. But now more about this in a direct comparison.

The philosophies of BERTRAND and Soylent
Soylent obtains its contained nutrients mainly from synthetically produced vitamins and minerals and thus follows a trend that was first initiated by Soylent developer Rob Rhinehart. The advantage of synthetically produced vitamins and minerals is that they can be stored for a very long time and are very inexpensive to produce.

BERTRAND obtains all nutrients from ~20 natural sources such as gluten-free cereals, oilseeds, almonds, nuts, berries, algae and other natural ingredients. With this philosophy we follow the recommendations of the major nutritional societies, which consider the intake of synthetic vitamins unnecessary and sometimes even harmful.

We have also summarized our view of the benefits of nutrients from natural sources here.

The figures in comparison
The comparison of the variants is complex, as BERTRAND and Soylent have different package sizes. We have therefore compared the largest packages for one-time orders. Soylent from RosaLabs is not yet distributed in the EU, we have therefore not considered the shipping costs.


BERTRAND active 1.1 – 1,93€/500 kcal
BERTRAND classic 2.6 – 1,95€/500 kcal
BERTRAND vegan 1.2 – 2,05€/500 kcal
all versions are gluten-freei


Soylent 1.8 – 2,14€/500kcal
The price is indicated in USD with $2.29


Organic ingredients and free from genetic engineering.
Certified by an independent inspection body DE-ÖKO-006.

Nutrients exclusively from natural ingredients.


No organic ingredients. Proud of genetic engineering by their own account.

Nutrients mainly from synthetic vitamins and minerals.

BERTRAND is made from high-quality organic ingredients. All products are gluten-free and GMO-free. We are able to offer a comparable – and sometimes even lower – price than Soylent.

Are you ready for BERTRAND? Order your first packages now and start right away.


You might also like to visit our Youtube-Channel. There you’ll find more great recipe ideas with BERTRAND.

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