Are you the right kind of person

for BERTRAND classic?

Do you wish to be entitled to a diet, that is wholesome, vegetarian, gluten-free, bio-certified, without synthetic additives, quick and easy to prepare and delicious too? Then you are the right kind of person for BERTRAND classic! If you just don’t have time to cook sometimes, or if you don’t have a great opportunity to eat at the office, BERTRAND classic can be prepared in just 90 seconds.

Nothing will increase your chances of survival on earth like a step towards a vegetarian diet

Albert Einstein

FAQ about the classic variant

BERTRAND classic is our standard drinkable meal, which we developed before the other two variants. We have taken the “average person” as a basis and developed a nutrient profile tailored to it. We have orientated ourselves on the data of the NRV (Nutrient Reference Values) and designed our drinkable meal in such a way that all essential nutrients in at least the required daily amount are included. The BERTRAND vegan and BERTRAND active variants were developed a little later in order to also meet special customer requirements.

A specialty of BERTRAND classic is the grainy texture. Adding small pieces of almond results in an exciting mouthfeel with a light crunch. We have given emphasis to a harmonious, delicate and milky taste in all four flavors.

As a high-quality protein supplier, BERTRAND classic contains organic milk powder, which of course is not included in the vegan drinkable meal. Different protein sources result in a different composition of the powder, whereby the nutrients as a whole also comply with the NRV guidelines. The difference of BERTRAND active is mainly in the protein and calorie content. Active provides more energy than classic and vegan.

BERTRAND classic is our standard drinkable meal that we have developed for those who have an overall average requirement. That means: they have an average calorie requirement of around 2,200 kilocalories per day and a nutritional requirement that applies to the average population according to the underlying NRV reference values.

That also means: Our classic drinkable meal is precisely for those who want to nourish themselves fully.

Anyone who suffers from lactose intolerance must test their individual tolerance due to the organic milk contained in the drinkable food. BERTRAND classic is not suitable for vegans. Our vegan alternative BERTRAND vegan is available for them.

BERTRAND active is exactly the right choice for athletes and other people with greatly increased energy and protein requirements. Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as dietary fiber meet the NRV standards in all three variants. And of course all variants are certified organic.

With BERTRAND classic in the “Nature” flavor, the name says it all. A more subtle, unadulterated and natural taste of grain, nuts and linseed gives you plenty of scope to vary your drinkable meal by adding aromatic ingredients. Plant or grain milk, fruit juice, pureed fruits, herbs or a little honey give your meal the touch that you are currently hungry for. Of course, this variant also tastes good just the way it is – just mixed with water.

The often feared artificially tasting aroma does not exist with BERTRAND classic. Because there are no synthetic flavors. The taste is subtle and finely balanced up to the last sip of your meal.

Common to all BERTRAND classic flavors is the beautiful crunch created by the addition of almond pieces from Sicily. When you bite the pieces, the fine almond aroma unfolds.

Classic NATURAL – INGREDIENTS: gluten-free whole grain oats* (39 %), rapeseed oil powder* (cold-pressed rapeseed oil* and maltodextrin*), skimmed milk powder* (15 %), ground and chopped almonds*, agave powder*, flaxseed flour*, ground sunflower seeds* (4 %), natural thickener: guar gum*, sea buckthorn berries*, rock salt, coconut flour*, algae powder* (porphyra*), algae powder* (chlorella*), acerola powder*, mushroom powder* (shiitake*), nettle powder*, guava extract*, lemon peel extract*, basil leaf extract*

– *from certified organic agriculture

Allergic reactions can be triggered by a wide variety of substances, including, of course, the consumption of certain foods. These contain – normally harmless – ingredients to which the immune system reacts with an excessive, pathological immune response. This can cause severe symptoms or even be life threatening.

The 14 most common triggers of such an allergic reaction or even intolerance are subject to labeling. These ingredients are marked in bold in our listing (see above) and in the listing on each package.

We at BERTRAND have decided to solely produce gluten-free products. This is why organic whole grain oats, which are an important source of protein in our drinkable meals, are gluten-free oats. We obtain it exclusively from suppliers who are licensed by the German Coeliac Society (DZG). The licensees of the DZG are obliged to comply with all the necessary production standards and controls that guarantee gluten-free products. These are, for instance, risk management systems that accompany the process in the company.

BERTRAND has also implemented such a risk management system for the detection of risky production steps, which includes all internal steps from goods receipt through manufacture to delivery.

There is no clear answer to this with a yes or a no. We must briefly elaborate on this question:

Lactose intolerance is intolerance to milk sugar. It is rarely congenital. Usually the intolerance is acquired in the course of life, for example through diseases of the intestine. It is a total lack or a relative deficiency in the enzyme lactase, which is responsible for breaking down the double sugar lactose (milk sugar) into simple sugar. Only this simple sugar can be absorbed into the bloodstream. If the split does not occur, typical symptoms such as flatulence, cramps and diarrhea occur. Nausea, heartburn, dizziness or headaches also occur. A diagnosis is usually made using the H2 breath test.

A characteristic of lactose intolerance is the individual tolerance limit up to which lactose is still tolerable. Everyone has to test this limit for themselves. Complete avoidance of foods containing lactose is not always mandatory. Many specialty foods are now pretreated with lactase, such as lactose-free milk. It is also possible to take in the enzyme lactase before meals via tablets or powder.

BERTRAND classic contains organic milk powder. This means that the lactose content is about as high as in milk. For people who have developed a lactose intolerance, BERTRAND classic is therefore only suitable to a limited extent. However, those affected can easily fall back on our vegan alternative BERTRAND vegan: It is absolutely lactose-free and therefore well tolerated in any case. Since frequent diarrhea and the lack of dairy products can cause nutrient deficiencies in many affected people, a wholesome drinkable meal like BERTRAND with all the essential nutrients is a sensible supplement.

No, there is no Bertrand classic without almond pieces.

If you don’t like the pieces, you can use a fine sieve to filter them out of the powder or the finished drinkable meal. But we would like to explain to you why we added the almond pieces and why you shouldn’t filter them out. The most important reason is: The almond pieces are important suppliers of nutrients. They provide plenty of protein, healthy fats, fiber and vital substances such as magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin E and antioxidants. The amount of almond pieces is not huge, but by filtering them out, valuable ingredients from your BERTRAND drinkable meal would be lost.

In addition, a drinkable meal is liquid by definition. That means you just have to swallow it, practically like drinking a glass of water. This supplies you with all the necessary nutrients, but as is well known, digestion begins in the mouth. By chewing, the small pieces of almonds in this case, digestive juices are activated and enzymes are released that make your meal easier to digest and support the absorption of nutrients.

The better solution for eliminating the pieces is: To prepare your drinking meal, use a mixer that chops up the pieces. This gives the meal a nice, soft, slightly creamy texture. And all of the ingredients are retained.

BERTRAND vegan, like BERTRAND classic and BERTRAND active, is absolutely gluten-free. We use gluten-free wholegrain oats to obtain high-quality proteins, B vitamins and other valuable nutrients. Oats are not related to wheat or other gluten-containing grains and are actually naturally gluten-free. Nevertheless, conventional oats cannot be eaten without further ado in celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder. This is because these oats often come into contact with small amounts of gluten protein during cultivation, harvesting and processing.

In order for an oat to really be called “gluten-free”, strict requirements must be met. These concern planting, harvesting and further processing. So no grains containing gluten may have been grown on the same field for at least 20 years, the harvesting machines may not also be used for grains containing gluten and no grains containing gluten may be grown in the surroundings. This will prevent the oats from being contaminated by wheat, barley or rye.

At BERTRAND, we follow the AOECS Standard, a European standard for gluten-free foods. (AOECS = Association Of European Coeliac Societies). That doesn’t just mean that we only use gluten-free organic whole grain oats. We also guarantee that no contamination can take place from others with the foods used for our drinking meal. This is done through a management system and hygiene practice that contain precise records of the manufacturing process for our meal powder. A HACCP system (HACCP = Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) means that food safety risks are identified, assessed and controlled.


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Nutritional values.

Here you can find the average nutritional values of the classic version per 100g.