4. May 2016
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4. May 2016 Tobias Stöber


For all the people who are physically active or into sports, all the people who work hard or care about their body: “We have something for you! BERTRAND has been enhanced and is now available in the active variant.”

Already curious? Those are all the new features of BERTRAND active:


The increase of the protein amount was one of the most popular customer requests and we finally made it happen. The amount of proteins in the daily dose now adds up to 125g in the active version. Besides their activities in the muscle cells, proteins are also responsible for a pleasant and long-lasting feeling of satiety without suddenly causing a feeling of hunger.
We decided to use a milk protein that originated from Swiss biological agriculture and complemented it with natural proteins gained from wholemeal oat, non de-oiled grated almonds, freshly shredded flaxseed, grated sunflower seeds and other healthy ingredients.

Soft texture

Another popular demand was the abandonment of the crunch known from classic versions, which was implemented by using almond flakes. We only use finely shredded almonds in the active variant in order to gain a smooth and pleasant texture that is easier to consume.
By only using our own mills in order to shred all the different sorts of grain found in BERTRAND we could additionally improve on the the degree of grinding and the shredding of our oil-bearing seeds for our active version. In addition to that, using our own mills also helps us to protect the very sensitive unsaturated aliphatic acids from oxidation because they are only decamped right before the packaging instead of waiting multiple weeks in a shelf before being used.

Sugar is a thing of the past

The new active version does not contain any additional sugar. The natural taste of the milk powder combined with canola oil and powder made from agaves is responsible for a pleasant mild sweetness.

More energy

The content of the whole package amounts to 2500kcal.
If this daily dose is too much for you, you certainly can use our active version for individual meals, while using our classic or vegan meals for the rest. But 2500kcal certainly are a welcomed gift for everyone, who tends to wear himself out on a regular basis.

Try it!

We changed our shop, so that you can use a universal shopping cart throughout all of our offerings. By doing this, you are able to combine our products and adjust your diet by your own needs and wants.

As a standard feature, our offerings are available in the three flavors natural, vanilla and blueberry. Do you have questions concerning our product? Peter is glad to help you at

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