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Among other things, when you are more active, you need more protein. Proteins are energy suppliers, provide cell structure and strong muscles. High energy and protein consumption requires a diet specifically designed for this purpose. We have developed BERTRAND active specifically so that physically and mentally highly active people like you can meet their need for carbohydrates and proteins and at the same time meet their nutritional needs for the essential nutrients NRV (Nutrient Reference Values). Unsaturated fatty acids and fiber also meet the requirements you need for an active lifestyle.

If we could give everyone the right dose of food and exercise, not too much and not too little, we would have found the best path to health.


FAQ for the active variant

The especially high protein content and the somewhat higher energy intake make the difference in this BERTRAND variant, which is adapted for a more active lifestyle.

We have designed our BERTRAND Active product specially for all physically active people and those in demanding roles. To this end we asked ourselves: what are the requirements of, for example, active sportspeople, people who work hard physically? Besides a good helping of energy, first and foremost they need building material, that is, protein. Amino acids are the most important building material for our bodies, and also perform important metabolic functions. The endocrine system, the formation of enzymes and antibodies, the availability of nutrients, the transport of oxygen and water around the body and not least the production of energy – everything depends on an adequate supply of proteins and, in particular, essential amino acids.

That’s why BERTRAND Active has a higher protein content in comparison with BERTRAND Classic and Vegan. Daily pouch contains 125 grams of protein. Plant based foods are highly valuable because the individual amino acids complement each other very well. In BERTRAND Vegan, we use these sources exclusively. Animal protein sources such as our organic whole milk can be metabolized particularly quickly. For that reason, they can be found in higher amounts in BERTRAND Active and BERTRAND Classic. All variants are naturally gluten free and certified organic.

The composition of BERTRAND Active is aimed first and foremost at everyone who leads an active lifestyle. If you engage in regular, performance-oriented sports, if you move around a lot on a daily basis or work hard, or you’d like to purposefully work on your muscles: then BERTRAND Active is just the right drink for you. Because you know how important proteins are for you and your body and what additional requirements you have compared to those who are inactive. So you can gauge whether you need to replace one or more meals with BERTRAND Active or even add extra snacks between meals with BERTRAND. That could be the case, for example, during preparation for a competition.

Older people often have an increased need for protein, since on the one hand, the body is not able to utilize the supplied protein, and on the other hand, eating behavior changes with age. To prevent deficiency, BERTRAND Active can serve well as a supplement to, or replacement for, various meals. A BERTRAND drink is preferable to synthetic nutritional supplements due to the purely natural organic ingredients. The same applies to people who have suffered illness and need to bring their bodies and immune systems back to full strength.

All our BERTRAND drinkable meals are characterized by a natural and unobtrusive flavor. This also applies to BERTRAND Active. As contrasted with the Classic variant it is milkier and softer since it contains no almond crunch. This makes the drinkable meal easier for you to consume, perhaps during breaks in training or even during work time. The creaminess of the drink makes it very easy to swallow, which can be important for people who have difficulty swallowing. This often affects older people.

The milky taste with its delicate oat flavors also makes BERTRAND Active well suited for further aromatic additions such as fruit juice. If you prepare your drinkable meals with different juices, you can lend them new flavors time and again and you will never get tired of drinking them.

Because of its high protein content, BERTRAND Active fills you up quickly and lasts for a long time. This satiating effect, which incidentally does not feel at all uncomfortable, is particularly advantageous in the field of endurance.

Active NATURAL – INGREDIENTS: gluten-free whole grain oats* (33%), rapeseed oil powder* (cold-pressed rapeseed oil* and maltodextrin*), milk protein powder* (14%), skimmed milk powder* (10%), ground almonds* (6%), linseed flour*, agave powder*, ground sunflower seeds*, walnut flour* (2%), freeze-dried blueberries* (2%), natural thickener: guar gum*, sea buckthorn berries*, rock salt, coconut flour*, algae powder* (porphyra*), acerola powder*, algae powder* (chlorella*), nettle powder*, mushroom powder* (shiitake*), guava extract*, lemon peel extract*, basil leaf extract* (0.01%) 

– *from certified organic agriculture

Allergic reactions can be triggered by all kinds of substances, which naturally includes the consumption of certain foodstuffs. This is because they contain – normally harmless – ingredients to which the immune system reacts with an excessive, pathological defensive response. This can bring on severe symptoms or even become life threatening.

The 14 most common triggers for such an allergic reaction and intolerance are subject to labeling requirements. These ingredients are listed in bold in our listing (see above) as well as in the list on each packet.

We at BERTRAND have made the decision to produce exclusively gluten free products. For this reason, even our organic wholegrain oats, which are an important protein source in our drinkable meals, are gluten free. We obtain them exclusively from suppliers licensed by the German Celiac Disease Society (DZG). The licensees of the DZG are required to comply with all necessary production standards and controls to ensure the absence of gluten. These include risk management systems, which monitor operations on site.

BERTRAND has also implemented this kind of risk management system to identify production steps where there may be risk, encompassing all in-house steps from receipt of goods, through production, all the way to distribution.

Lactose intolerance is a physical reaction to lactose. People who do not tolerate lactose well experience symptoms such as diarrhea, flatulence, cramps, nausea, headaches, dizziness, and heartburn after consumption. This intolerance is, however, more or less pronounced in different individuals, so each affected person has to test for themselves how much lactose they can tolerate. It is possible to counteract these symptoms with tablets or powder containing the enzyme lactase. This is because affected people lack this enzyme either completely or to a significant degree.

Part of the high protein content of BERTRAND Active is provided by organic whole milk. Thus, the lactose content is equivalent to that of milk. As a lactose-intolerant person, you can first test how much lactose you can tolerate in general. Then you can test whether you can consume small amounts of our BERTRAND Active drinkable meal and raise the amount a little at a time. You may be able to take lactase tablets before your meal as a countermeasure. Then, you will be able to benefit from the high protein content of our Active drinkable meals.

We know that more and more people are paying attention to their health, their nutrition, and the state of our planet. This also means that vegan nutrition is increasingly of interest to exactly those people who choose an overall healthy lifestyle. In particular, this includes the target groups for whom BERTRAND Active is designed. That is, sportspeople and people who work hard physically, who have an increased protein requirement.

As of yet there is no vegan variant of BERTRAND Active. The increased protein content is predominantly obtained from organic whole milk. But having recognized the need for a vegan BERTRAND Active drinkable meal, we are currently working intensively and with all speed on the development of such a variant. We are developing an alternative, in which the especially high protein content can be covered by pea and rice protein.

Both of these, i.e. peas and rice, are valuable plant-based sources of protein. They complement each other perfectly in essential amino acids. While rice protein has a low lysine content but contains a lot of methionine and tyrosine, with pea protein it’s the exact opposite: pea protein contains rather less methionine and tyrosine, but a lot of lysine. Pea protein is low in allergens and very filling. Rice protein, which is produced from unpeeled, brown wholegrain rice, is rich in vitamins and minerals. Both are full of dietary fibers and are naturally gluten free. For all these reasons, we rely on a mixture of the two plant proteins.

So, you can expect that we will soon bring a “BERTRAND Active Vegan” variant to the market.

BERTRAND Vegan is, like BERTRAND Classic and BERTRAND Active, absolutely gluten free. We use gluten free, wholegrain oats for the production of high value proteins, B vitamins, and other valuable nutrients. Oats are unrelated to wheat and other cereals that contain gluten, and are actually gluten free by nature. However, conventional oats are not automatically safe to eat for those with celiac disease, which is an autoimmune disorder. This is because these oats often come into contact with small quantities of gluten during cultivation, harvesting and processing.

Strict requirements need to be met before oats can truly be called “gluten free”. These requirements apply to planting, harvesting, and further processing. It is not allowed for cereals containing gluten to have been grown on the same land for at least 20 years, the harvesting machines may not also be used for cereals containing gluten, and no cereals containing gluten may be grown in the area. This prevents contamination of the oats by wheat, barley, or rye.

We at BERTRAND are guided by the AOECS Standard, a European standard for gluten free foods. (AOECS = Association of European Coeliac Societies) This does not only mean that we use exclusively gluten free organic whole grain oats. We also ensure that the foodstuffs used in our drinkable meals cannot be contaminated by third parties. This is done through a management system and hygiene practices that include accurate records of the manufacturing processes of our meal powder. A HACCP system (HACCP = Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) means that risks to food safety are identified, evaluated and controlled.


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Nutritional values.

Here you can find the average nutritional values of the active variant per 100g.