You are active

with a vegan lifestyle?

Active in sports, professionally challenged, with ecological awareness: Your lifestyle is modern and fast. This is exactly how your diet should be. Precisely because you care intensively about your physical and mental fitness, the concept of a vegan lifestyle is obvious. Anyone who is constantly on the move or under heavy mental stress needs plenty of protein and all the essential nutrients in the right amounts. We know that many of our customers are vegan and want to be active. That’s exactly why we have now designed our BERTRAND vegan active drinking meal.

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."

Jim Rohn, Unternehmer, Autor und Motivationstrainer

FAQ on the vegan active variant

In the classic active BERTRAND drinkable meal, one of the things we use is organic whole milk for its high protein content. In the vegan version, we replace this animal-derived source with pea, rice, flaxseed, and walnut protein. All the proteins are therefore completely plant-based. We take particular care in the formulation of the plant proteins to ensure that all essential amino acids are contained in each meal in the amount that is called for as a daily requirement. Plant-based amino acids can complement each other and, by that, attain a particular biological value. The inclusion of all necessary amino acids is therefore guaranteed, exactly as in the classic active version. Like all our products, this drinkable meal is, of course, gluten-free.

The BERTRAND vegan-active drinkable meal is suitable for anyone who wants to, or for health-reasons must, follow a vegan diet, but also leads an active lifetsyle. So if you know that you have a higher protein requirement because you exercise a lot, want to build muscle, or are being challenged professionally and mentally, but at the same time want to live without animal products – then the vegan version is right for you. Like the active version, you can have the vegan active version as a between-meal snack, for example when preparing for a competition. Or you can replace individual vegan meals with this combo-version. So you are in control of how much you increase your protein intake.

What’s more, the vegan version of the active drinkable meal is also a good alternative during recovery or for those of advanced age. Because there are a lot of reasons to have a high protein intake requirement. Even and especially when living a vegan lifestyle.

Our vegan active drinkable meal has the same flavors and taste profile as the pure vegan version. That means that it has a mild taste of nuts and linseed, oats and, of course, the flavor you chose.

Your drinkable meal will be particularly tasty if you make it using a plant-based milk. You choose your favorite plant-based milk or change it as the mood strikes you. All types work: Rice-based, nut-based, hemp-based, almond-based, oat-based, coconut-based, pea-based, or soy-based.

There is, however, one significant difference with the vegan BERTRAND drinkable meal: we have removed the crunch of the almond pieces. By doing that, we have aligned this special vegan version with the active version.

Because the active drinkable meals are often drunk during sports activities, we focused on easy drinkability. The vegan-active product should also be milky, soft, and very easy to swallow.

Vegan active NATURAL – INGREDIENTS: gluten-free whole grain oats*, canola oil powder* (cold-pressed canola oil* and maltodextrin*), pea protein*, ground and chopped almonds*, flax seed flour*, rice protein*, agave powder*, ground sunflower seeds*, walnut flour*, sea buckthorn berries*, coconut flour*, algae powder* (porphyra*), rock salt, nutritional yeast*, algae powder (Lithothamnium Calcareum), algae powder* (Chlorella*), acerola powder*, mushroom powder* (shiitake*), guava extract*, lemon peel extract*, basil leaf extract*

– *from certified organic agriculture

Allergic reactions can be triggered by a variety of substances, including, of course, the consumption of certain foods. Some of these foods can contain ingredients which, though normally harmless, can trigger an excessive, pathological, defensive reaction in the immune system. This can cause severe symptoms or even become life-threatening.

The fourteen most common triggers of similar allergic reactions or sensitivities are subject to labeling. These ingredients are indicated in bold in our listing (see above) and in the listing on each package.

At BERTRAND, we have decided to produce only gluten-free products. Therefore, the organic whole grain oats that make up an important protein source in our drinkable meals are gluten-free oats. We source it exclusively from suppliers licensed by the German Celiac Society (GCS). The licensees of the GCS are obligated to comply with all required production standards and controls that guarantee a gluten-free product. These include risk management systems that accompany the production process.

BERTRAND has also implemented a risk management system of this kind for the detection of high-risk production steps, which covers all internal company stages from receipt of goods through production to delivery.

Iron is one of the minerals deemed “critical” in the vegan diet. Iron is fundamental for the transport of oxygen into the blood and the muscles, it serves for blood formation and regulates numerous metabolic processes. A deficiency can cause tiredness and fatigue, disturbances of the heat balance and the immune system. Chronic iron deficiency leads it anemia.

Meat and meat products, as well as innards, are regarded as particularly rich sources with good bioavailability. As a vegan, you cannot make use of these sources. So it is a good thing that, for example, cereals like our oats, but also almonds and flaxseed, also provide a considerable amount of iron. Vitamin C and protein increase the absorption capacity of plant-derived iron. We ensure both with, on the one hand, high-quality plant-based protein sources and, on the other, plenty of vitamin C, for example from sea buckthorn. Both the vitamin C and plant-derived iron in BERTRAND vegan are above the minimum requirements to ensure that enough iron is absorbed by your body. Incidentally, dairy products are known to inhibit the absorption of iron – and BERTRAND vegan does not contain them.

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) merits special attention in the vegan diet because it is virtually absent from plant foods. B12 is produced by bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract of animals, mainly ruminants. Animal-based food products like meat, fish, cheese, and eggs are considered good sources. Absorption occurs in the intestine with the help of the “intrinsic factor”, a special transport protein. Vitamin B12 is particularly important in blood formation and in the breakdown of fatty acids. Since it is a storage vitamin, symptoms of a deficiency often take several years to develop. Then, however, these can be quite severe and affect the blood formation system, the nervous system or the intestinal or oral pharyngeal mucosa.

Recent studies indicate that certain microorganisms, particularly bacteria, fungi and algae, are also capable of synthesizing vitamin B12 that is readily bioavailable to humans. A group of Japanese scientists back in 2014 pointed out that the bioavailability of vitamin B12 contained in special algae could be suitable for providing a sufficient source for vegans.

BERTRAND vegan contains as natural sources of cobalamin the freshwater alga Chlorella from France, the marine red alga Porphyra (Nori) from Spain and yeast fungi from inactivated nutritional yeast. As a result, we can also claim a concentration of B12 in our vegan drinkable meal that is higher than the minimum amount.

There is ongoing debate about this topic and it needs further research. Supplementation of a purely vegan diet is therefore still recommended by the DGE and the vegan society (Vegan Society of Germany e.V.), among others. In accordance with these expert organizations, we at BERTRAND also endorse these recommendations.

BERTRAND vegan, like BERTRAND classic and BERTRAND active, is absolutely gluten-free. To get high quality proteins, B vitamins and other valuable nutrients, we use gluten-free whole grain oats. Oats are unrelated to wheat and other gluten-containing grains and are inherently gluten-free. Nevertheless, conventional oats cannot be safely eaten by people with celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder. This is due to oats often coming into contact with small amounts of the gluten protein during cultivation, harvesting and processing.

Strict conditions must be met before an oat can truly be labeled as “gluten-free”. These have to do with planting, harvesting, and further processing. For example, no gluten-containing grain may have been grown on the same land for at least 20 years, harvesting machines may not also be used for gluten-containing grain, and no gluten-containing grain may be grown in the surrounding area. This prevents the oats from being contaminated by wheat, barley or rye.

Here at BERTRAND, we follow the AOECS standard, a European standard for gluten-free food products. (AOECS = Association Of European Coeliac Societies).

This doesn’t just mean that we exclusively use gluten-free organic whole grain oats. We also guarantee that no contamination with other food products used for our drinkable meals can take place. This is accomplished by a management system and hygiene practices that include accurate records of the manufacturing processes of our meal powder. A HACCP system (HACCP = Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) means that food safety risks are identified, assessed and controlled.

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Nutritional values.

Here you can find the average nutritional values of the active vegan variant per 100g.