Baking bread with BERTRAND

10. January 2020
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Baking bread with BERTRAND

Cooking with BERTRAND – it’s absolutely possible. And it also tastes totally fantastic. Whether a tasty smoothie bowl, healthy fruit bars, or delicious pancakes. With BERTRAND (almost) everything is possible. Even baking your own bread. To prove this to you, we now have a few delicious recipes on our YouTube channel for you at regular intervals. Delicious meals that sound elaborate but are very simple and to which BERTRAND adds a wonderful flavor!

Baking your own bread sounds at first like a challenge. But with our recipe you can easily prepare a delicious nut bread with BERTRAND. All you need is an ovenproof pan with a lid that your bread will fit into. It involves a bit of a wait, but isn’t freshly baked bread worth it? For example, for a delicious Sunday brunch, a sandwich at work, or a classic dinner. Our nut bread is a good fit everywhere. It also has a nice side effect. As it bakes slowly in the oven, it exudes a wonderful fragrance. And thanks to the nuts and BERTRAND, this bread is actually really healthy and will fill you up for a long time.

  • Servings: 1 bread
  • Time: 10 min (+ 1 hour bakingtime)
  • Difficulty: easy

Ingredients for the nut bread

  • 440 gr Spelt flour
  • 180 gr BERTRAND
  • 1 Packet of baking powder
  • 2 teaspoon salt
  • 150 gr whole haselnuts
  • 450 ml malt beer
  • Margarine for spreading

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Then add the malt beer.

Mix the dough with the dough hooks of your food processor or hand mixer.

After you have mixed the ingredients to a smooth dough, you grease your ovenproof dish with margarine. Put the bread dough into the mould and pour 50 ml of water on the surface of the dough.

Then bake the bread at 200 degrees with the lid on for 35-40 minutes. Finally for 15 minutes without lid.

Take the bread out of the oven, let it cool down and then enjoy it, for example with some avocado cream!

Did you know that?

Bread is one of the most popular foods around the world. In Germany alone there are, for example, over 3000 different bread specialties. The most popular varieties are, for example, mixed varieties made of wheat and rye flour. 1,681,000 tons of bread were bought in Germany alone in 2018. However, you can also simply bake your own bread and that means that there are no limits to your creativity.

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You might also like to visit our Youtube-Channel. There you’ll find more great recipe ideas with BERTRAND.

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