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We are preparing something new in to make BERTRAND more practical than it already is. For the very very hasty meals, if you’re just on the go, we have BERTRAND bottles in classic, vegan and active variants. Your daily requirement of nutrients is covered with four bottles.

BERTRAND bottles are available in a few days here in the shop.


For all the people who are physically active or into sports, all the people who work hard or care about their body: “We have something for you! BERTRAND has been enhanced and is now available in the active variant.”

Already curious? Those are all the new features of BERTRAND active:


The increase of the protein amount was one of the most popular customer requests and we finally made it happen. The amount of proteins in the daily dose now adds up to 125g in the active version. Besides their activities in the muscle cells, proteins are also responsible for a pleasant and long-lasting feeling of satiety without suddenly causing a feeling of hunger.
We decided to use a milk protein that originated from Swiss biological agriculture and complemented it with natural proteins gained from wholemeal oat, non de-oiled grated almonds, freshly shredded flaxseed, grated sunflower seeds and other healthy ingredients.

Soft texture

Another popular demand was the abandonment of the crunch known from classic versions, which was implemented by using almond flakes. We only use finely shredded almonds in the active variant in order to gain a smooth and pleasant texture that is easier to consume.
By only using our own mills in order to shred all the different sorts of grain found in BERTRAND we could additionally improve on the the degree of grinding and the shredding of our oil-bearing seeds for our active version. In addition to that, using our own mills also helps us to protect the very sensitive unsaturated aliphatic acids from oxidation because they are only decamped right before the packaging instead of waiting multiple weeks in a shelf before being used.

Sugar is a thing of the past

The new active version does not contain any additional sugar. The natural taste of the milk powder combined with canola oil and powder made from agaves is responsible for a pleasant mild sweetness.

More energy

The content of the whole package amounts to 2500kcal.
If this daily dose is too much for you, you certainly can use our active version for individual meals, while using our classic or vegan meals for the rest. But 2500kcal certainly are a welcomed gift for everyone, who tends to wear himself out on a regular basis.

Try it!

We changed our shop, so that you can use a universal shopping cart throughout all of our offerings. By doing this, you are able to combine our products and adjust your diet by your own needs and wants.

As a standard feature, our offerings are available in the three flavors natural, vanilla and blueberry. Do you have questions concerning our product? Peter is glad to help you at

Rene’s experience with BERTRAND

I came across Bertrand while searching for a good alternative to the trekking diet. I’m vegetarian and unfortunately also lactose-intolerant, which means I’m somewhat challenged on the nourishment front. That’s why I was looking for something with no meat, that was still delicious, and that would still get me through the day without putting on much weight.

unspecifiedThe answer came through Youtube and I thus quickly decided I would give Bertrand a shot.
The ordering process leaves no room for playing around, which meant I quickly decided to go all the way and convert my diet completely to Bertrand for 30 days. My partner’s concerns that I would use up almost my entire monthly budget for shopping were quickly brushed aside, and just like that the order was placed. The 15 kilogram package arrived at my office and I quickly prepared my first shake.

– What can I say? It tasted fantastic.

He who has ever made a shake from Muesli (Firestarter), knows more or less what awaits him. As for flavor, I went for vanilla, closely followed by blueberry.
The one without crumbs is also not too shabby, but since I have to choose…
It had been getting harder and harder to combine my increasingly higher dietary standards with my job. Too often were the times I swapped a home-made salad for a sandwich from the bakery, due to time constraints. That’s why Bertrand is the perfect answer to a purposeful and healthy diet.
I quickly add a package of my choice to my basket, throw in a shaker for good measure, and just like that it’s on the way. While everyone at my workplace are drinking their first coffee, I’m shaking away happily and getting the day off to a good start.

Preparing the shake as Muesli in a bowl for lunch with my coworkers?
– Not a problem, works wonders. I put in the powder, add a little hot water, and let it sit for a while. Then afternoons on the couch with my girlfriend watching an episode of Game of Thrones? Of course that’s also shake time… although I admit sometimes it is really tough. 😛

On top of all that I’ve also discovered a cool side effect.
Since I now consistently intake 2000 calories, which at the moment roughly cover my needs, I’m also quickly losing weight. Something I had been putting off for a long time. 😉

What’s next?
I will stick to Bertrand, continue to prepare my shakes in the morning and at lunchtime, and cook a healthy meal in the afternoon.

Even when away from home for longer periods, Bertrand is still the only and obvious choice.  A five-day test in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains just served to validate the “food and drink to go” concept.

I’m a fan, please keep it up and stay with us.


Announcement of New Products

Our company will see some changes in 2016. Above all the move to our new location and the the launch of our own product line will mean that we’ll be introducing two additional product varieties, and making preparations for a new type of product by mid-year. Here in brief:

BERTRAND – active

In order to give our support staff a little relief from all the incoming requests for a protein-rich powder for athletically active people, BERTRAND will soon introduce both a vegan and a classic active variety. The classic variety we will be based on a very easily metabolized whey protein powder, and the vegan variety will be based on our quality rice protein powder. The protein content will adhere to current nutritional recommendations and weigh approximately 125 g.

BERTRAND – light

For all those who take nourishment through protein powder but also want to combine this with weight loss, we are introducing a calorie-reduced version which will be available both in vegan and classic forms. It will contain just 1750 kcal, and will continue to offer all recommended nutrients.

A vegan BERTRAND bar is planned for the second half of the year. We will be supplying you with further information.

Featured: Porphyra, the Organic Algae

Algae are not very common in the average diet. We explain in this article why they can be eaten more frequently and why they became part of BERTRAND.

Porphyra is a small and very rich red alga. Traditionally, it is cultivated in Japan and mainly used for sushi. On the market it exists as nori algae in Asian shops, in the form of pressed, roasted leaves and not in organic quality. In contrast to this nori algae, the algae in BERTRAND are from Certified Organic Farming and in raw food quality.
Nori contain a lot of pro-vitamin A, B12, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and natural iodine. In addition, the algae is 34% more rich in natural fiber, which is mostly lacking in today’s diet.

Sourcing and processing of our product

Our Porphyra comes from the Galician coast in northwestern Spain. They grow wild in the Atlantic Ocean unlike many algae offered on today’s markets. There it achieves maximum development and quality in the spring when its long straps are most tender, tastiest and most nutritious. Just then divers carefully harvest and process it. For BERTRAND, the algae are then dried and grounded to a fine powder.

Delivery to the USA and Canada within 3 days

Does delivery to the USA or Canada take too long? As a result of some support requests to do with long delivery times using USPS or Canada Post, as of now, we are also going to offer express delivery with UPS. This type of delivery will allow delivery times of on average 3 days from ordering to be realized. Often deliveries will actually take place within 2 working days.
The prices for this amount to €25.00 for the starter package, €40.00 for the classic package and €60.00 for the 30-day package.
If you want to choose express delivery, this must currently be entered as a comment. We will then send a payment request via PayPal, which can also be settled by credit card. In a few days, this new form of delivery will also be available as a choice in the shop.

Featured: Walnuts in BERTRAND

Walnuts are real power food! They not only add an extra dose of taste, but also a lot of important minerals and nutrients that contribute to a balanced diet. In this article, we introduce you to the reasons why they reached BERTRAND.

The uniqueness compared to other nut varieties is due to the special composition of fats contained. The walnut is rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. For example, it has the highest content of alpha-linolenic acid among all nuts. In addition, the ratio of healthy fatty acids alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acid) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-6 fatty acid) is one to four and ideal. Moreover, walnuts are very well suited to reduce the LDL cholesterol.1
Apart from the fatty acids walnuts have far more healthy ingredients to offer, like potassium, zinc, pantothenic acid and numerous vitamins.

How did they reach BERTRAND?

The walnuts used in BERTRAND originate entirely from certified organic farming. Split the green involucre, the nut core is ripe. The largely automatic walnut harvest takes place between August and November depending on strain and location. Great shaker machines are used with their giant jaws that grip the trunk and shake it, and a tree is harvested within seconds. The grinding of the walnut is taken over to a specialized nut processing organic farm in the Saarland, which can produce a particularly fine grain. Therefore, the typical crunch of BERTRAND does not come from the walnut, but our organic almond is responsible.

1 Tapsell, L. C., Gillen, L. J., Patch, C. S., Batterham, M., Owen, A., Bare, M. & Kennedy, M. A. (2004). Including walnuts in a low-fat/modified-diet improves HDL cholesterol-to-total cholesterol ratios in patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes Care, 39078 2777-2783.

2.50 € for you. 2.50 € for Save the Children.

As well as our heartfelt thanks for your support with our start-up in 2015, the entire BERTRAND team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year.

At the end of the year we would like to collect a few more donations for “Save the Children” and set up a coupon as a motivational aid. If you add the coupon SAVE5 to your order, 2.50 € gets automatically deducted from the cart. In addition, we donate € 2.50 for your order to “Save the Children”. The coupon is valid until 20.01.2016

By the way, it is not only at Christmas that BERTRAND tastes particularly delicious with a pinch of cinnamon and a little grated apple.

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