We support the Mudbusters

The Mudbusters are are an association of running-enthusiasts who participate in obstacle, cross-country and road races in Europe. These athletes now also have a partner who takes care of their nutrition.

If a 42,195km marathon race is just not enough for you, because you also want to crawl through mud, shimmy around obstacles, haul tree trunks or dive along the way, then you have the spirit of a mudbuster.

At BERTRAND, we support these athletes in preparing for OCR competitions such as Lake Run or Strong Man Run. OCR is the abbreviation for Obstacle Course Racing. Especially in Europe, an OCR scene is emerging in which the toughest, newest and most extreme obstacle courses are up for discussion. A few years ago there were a few events where people had to climb over barriers, swim through muddy lakes and rivers or crawl under barbed wire. The scene is, however, very well organized. In every region, every month of the year there is now at least one OCR race.

Preparation for the competition in terms of nutrition

While preparing for exhausting runs such as marathons or OCR competitions the body needs a balanced mix of long-chain carbohydrates, proteins as well as vitamins and minerals with good bio-availability. BERTRAND active has been a popular and proven diet for many years among followers of the outdoor scene, providing athletes with the nutrients they need to prepare their bodies for the strain of competition.

Signore PE

Extremely beneficial!

The shakes help me to close a gap and to eat healthy and balanced food in spite of "missing" meals. For me, this is an extreme advantage that I don’t want to miss.

Signore PEMudbusters
Interested? Put our active variant to the test. We give every new customer one of our high quality shakers, which will survive even the hardest trails.

Thank you for 2017 – Donation to the WFP

Donate to the WFP

Once again, over here at us Bertrandistas a warm wintery feeling gradually starts settling in. The colleagues bring all kinds of pastry to the firm, many are wearing hand knitted wool jerseys to work and preferably, everybody wants to exclusively produce our baked apple and cinnamon variants. The year comes to an end.

We look back on a successful year. Our team and our premises have grown, just like our aspiration to our environmental and social responsibility as a company. We are very grateful for our faithful existing customers and the many new customers that have contributed to this positive development of our company.

Just like yesteryear, we want to present a coupon campaign once again, which both benefits you, as a customer, and the regions supported by the “UN – World Food Programme”.

Code: WFP // 7,5% for you – 4€ for the WFP

For every order using the code “WFP“, your shopping cart will be eased by 7,5%. In addition, we forward a donation of 4,00€ for each order using this code to the “UN – World Food Programme”, which can nourish a school child for 10 days.

Valid until 15. Jan. 2018

Of course, you also donate to the WFP projects yourself. You can find all information on the official page of the World Food Programme as well as on the highly recommended page ShareTheMeal.org

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Have any questions remain unanswered?

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2nd Paderborn Martinslauf

Robiel Weldemichael gewinnt den zweiten Paderborner Martinslauf

Winner Robiel Weldemichael // © Frank Beineke – New Westfalian Newspaper

The 2nd Paderborn Martinslauf took place last Friday in Paderborn and we once again took the opportunity to provide healthy vitamins and minerals to the finishers

1,400 athletes enjoyed the challenging circuit through the center of Paderborn, which had a very special running atmosphere, as some sections of the track were artistically illuminated by local art students. Robiel Weldemichael (cover picture) shot like a flash to the front right at the beginning. The 25-year-old exceptional athlete repeated his 10-kilometer win in the previous year and won confidently in 31:15 minutes.

We were able to distribute a total of 1,500 complimentary meals to the athletes and visiting spectators. This year we introduced our BERTRAND bottle for the first time. In this bottle, which covers 1/4 of the daily requirements of the daily recommended nutrients, we do not rely on simple rotproof PET bottles, but on a plastic that is made of vegetable starch and is completely biodegradable. Our Green Bottle is currently available as a prototype only for German-speaking customers. More information here (German page): BERTRAND – Green Bottle

Impressions of our promotion

Annika | Customer Care

Have any questions remain unanswered?

I am happy to answer any questions you might have on this topic. Feel free to write me an e-mail. You will usually receive an answer within 24 hours.

Annika | Customer Careannika@bertrand.bio

STUMP Review by Jason Hunt

Jason Hunt from the channel Campcraft put our product on his tree stump and gave it a detailed examination from an experienced outdoorsman. He gives it a very positive review. Watch the video here.

Annika | Customer Care

Have any questions remain unanswered?

I am happy to answer any questions you might have on this topic. Feel free to write me an e-mail. You will usually receive an answer within 24 hours.

Annika | Customer Careannika@bertrand.bio

Vitamin and Mineral Supplier for Mario Weidler

We are thrilled to announce that, as of now, we are sponsoring Mario Weidler. Last year, he achieved two major successes by finishing 24th in the overall ranking of the World Cup 2016 (elite) and 16th in the European Championships 2016. During his competitions, he obviously needs to have total concentration and rely on his physical fitness. We are happy to help him on this front.

The aim of trial sports is to complete an obstacle course on a bike without touching the floor with your feet. The basic requirements of bike trial are maintaining good balance, total concentration, and perfect control over your bike and your body. Mario not only rides his bike, he also hops and jumps over stones, barrels or tree trunks as if it were the easiest thing in the world. As a trialer, he is an artist among cyclists: a lot of people can’t even use their feet with the same kind of control that he has over his bike.

We are happy to help Mario with the right nutrition and hope that our practical mix will support him during his competitions in the upcoming season. In 2018, Mario will participate in various international competitions and you might be able to see him in your area.


After several months’ neglect of our “Meet the Team” page, we have now been able to talk some colleagues into posing for a photo.

You should know who regularly mixes and sends your BERTRAND order. And who’s providing the answers to your questions about our product.


Short note: Our BERTRAND shaker is back in stock!

BERTRAND im Vergleich mit Huel

Due to a short-term flood of orders, we ran out of our BERTRAND shaker during the last few weeks and had to fall back on the model without our logo. However, our warehouse is now once again properly stocked and we can ship our shaker again.

  • Our shaker is made of tritan, BPA-free as well as free of other bisphenol compounds. You can find information about tritan here: Tritan Safe.
  • We have added fill marks to help you when dosing the powder.
As usual, new customers will receive this with the first order of a package, free of charge. Those who need more shakers will find them here in our shop.

2016 Gastrosophicum – The Internet of Food 4.0

BETRAND was part of this year’s Gastrosophicum in EFERDING, Upper Austria and there was served the special menu in combination (as per request) with bread and butter to set the scene: “possibly opti-meal-ized data carriers”

The change in diet comes either way. Only which and with which philosophy? The International Gastrosophy Forum has resolved for the 2016 Gastrophicum to explore the change in diet 4.0. Because everything that is currently developing under the trending terms Internet 4.0 and smart apps could make a future Internet of food with its bits and bites tasty to us.

Within the 2016 Gastrosophicum, BERTRAND was tied up in the podium discussion “Bits and bites. How does the future taste?” among others with the well-known food trend researcher Hanni Rützler, the innovative food technology scientist Otmar Höglinger, and the philosopher and director of the International Gastrosophy Forum, Harald Lemke.

Read on (german page): Gastrosophicum 2016

QS – Gluten-free products

Quality System

BERTRAND Food is an EU-certified organic food operation. It is periodically inspected in at least three independent locations. These checks occur as both registered and unregistered in all business units. This creates high quality and increases the traceability, transparency, and the trust in our products. In the blog series, “QS”, we introduce various aspects of quality assurance at BERTRAND Food.

Today it is about guaranteeing the gluten-free quality of our products

Wherever “gluten-free” is indicated, no amount of gluten can be present. What seems a simple truth requires diligence and precise documentation.


Gluten or gluten protein is a general term for a mixture of substances made from proteins that are found in some types of grains. In people with a gluten intolerance, the consumption of gluten leads to an inflammation of the intestinal mucosa. This causes the intestinal villi to atrophy. Through this shrinkage of the surface of the small intestine, not enough nutrients can be absorbed. During the course of the disease, a nutrient deficit arises which can cause a series of symptoms.

Gluten in the ingredients?

None of the ingredients in BERTRAND contain naturally occurring gluten. However, cross-contamination with gluten frequently occurs in operations in which various grains are being processed. Oats are gluten-free by nature but are so strongly affected by this process that they are no longer an option for people with gluten intolerance. Though most people with gluten intolerance can include “clean” oats into their diets since the protein structure of the oat differs from those of wheat, rye, and spelt. In England, the US, and in Scandinavia (especially Finland), contamination-free oats have been used for a long time in gluten-free diets.

Gluten-free at BERTRAND

In order to guarantee gluten-free at BERTRAND, we have decided to only deploy sensitive raw goods from our suppliers that were certified by the AOECS and who subject themselves to periodic, independent inspections. The oat for our gluten-free oatmeal is grown in a special project by a partner from the Demeter alliance of producers in North Germany. This oat is free from impurities stemming from contact with gluten-containing grains. It remains pure in cultivation as well as in processing.
In addition, we have our products checked in regular cross-checks with the independent INTERTEK testing institute in Bremen. In this way, we can ensure the quality of your product through certified suppliers and a rigorous and open process in dealing with gluten-containing raw goods from storage to production.

That is only one of the advantages of a modern quality management system. Are you interested in this topic? Then follow us on Facebook or Twitter and don’t miss out on any more QS entries.

Harz Witches’ Trail – Mount Brocken

Last week we took off for three days and hiked along the Harz Witches’ Trail on the Brocken in the Harz mountain range in Germany. The tour starts in Osterrode, runs over the Brocken, through the Bode Gorge and finally ends after 97 km in Thale. The occasion was perfect for testing out our new active version as well as the BERTRAND bottles.

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Harz Witches’ Trail verdict:

An easily walkable trail with a few steep phases and a wonderful end through the Bode Gorge, where dozens of fire salamander are waiting on the side of the track. Unfortunately, there were somewhat too many farm roads and too few genuine tracks for our taste.

BERTRAND active verdict:

Very filling and sustaining. A real kick, especially for the phases in which the stomach and the morale are empty. Has the advantage of not needing any breaks from walking, which are so hard to carry on from!

Are you planning a hike too? As of now, we’re enclosing a voucher worth €6.00 with all orders, which can be used to buy one of our packs. With this, the sample menu would be free!

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