Apple festival 2019 at the Vauß-Hof


Every third weekend in October, the Pötting family extends an invitation to the Apple Festival on the Vauß-Hof in Scharmede. Once again this year, there was the opportunity to experience the special atmosphere of the now ever-growing festival.

At this year’s Apple Festival on October 19th and 20th, we from BERTRAND lined up our booth as well between craftspeople, companies from the region, and sustainable products, and enjoyed two wonderful days on the Vauß-Hof. The Vauß-Hof organizes the apple festival for the sixth time already and registers more visitors every yea

What's the apple festival?

The Apple Festival, which has now taken place for the sixth time, is an event organized by the Vauß-Hof e.V. and doesn’t consist only of apples.
Instead, it’s a wonderful tradition, consisting of a craft market, a colorful musical and cultural program, and many goodies. Of course, the eponymous fruit also plays a role, so different apple varieties can be eaten and apples processed into apple juice in a mobile juicer. Fun is guaranteed not only for the grown-ups, the youngest also have a great time playing in the hay bales, baking bread, or cracking nuts. Of course, there are also guided tours of the organic demonstration farm, which is something very special on the Vauß-Hof.

What makes the Vauß-Hof so special?

The Vauß-Hof is a recognized organic farm, which above all wants to promote Solidarity Agriculture. Solidarity Agriculture finances agriculture as a whole and not the individual food. The food is no longer distributed through the market, but ends up in its own economic cycle, which is organized and financed by the consumers. It is therefore an association of farms or nurseries with a group of private households. The focus of these associations takes into account the natural environment and is tailored to people’s needs. The innovative strategy acts for a vibrant and responsible agriculture that cares about sustainability and the existence of the people who work in this rural economy.

BERTRAND at the Apple Festival

BERTRAND supports the sustainable and organic concept of the Vauß-Hof and had a lot of fun despite the rain. We were able to offer a lot of samples and maybe we will see each other again in 2020.


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